Safe and Secure, Taiwan Cybersecurity

2020 Cyber Taiwan Pavilion

at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Cyber Security, Made in Taiwan

Cybersecurity is the cornerstone of smart transformation and the foundation for accelerating industrial development

Committed to high-tech development, Taiwan has become a society highly reliant on digital information. Compared to other countries around the world, Taiwan is one of the earliest countries to recognize the impact of cyberattacks, leading to the development of cybersecurity technology and cyber defense. Due to recent trends in industry smart transformation and value innovation, global demands for cybersecurity products and services continue to rise. Cyber Taiwan Pavilion has been established as a platform to help you determine the cybersecurity products that best meet the needs of your company. The platform integrates Taiwan’s abundant technical know-how along with top quality products and resources for you to examine closely.
Here, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the superior quality of Taiwan cybersecurity brands dedicated to the mission of cybersecurity and cyber-safety development.

Continuous promotion of Taiwan cybersecurity industry, enhancing the Taiwan’s capacity for cybersecurity development every year

In 2019, President Tsai Ing-wen visited CYBERSEC in-person not only to cheer on Taiwan cybersecurity professionals, but also to demonstrate Taiwan’s emphasis and determination to develop the cybersecurity industry.

In 2020, we continue our efforts to integrate Taiwan’s superior cybersecurity technology by presenting the "Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit" and the "Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition". The two exhibits will reveal the master-level proficiency of Taiwan’s cybersecurity industry, and offer insights to how Taiwan's cybersecurity products and services can help your company obtain cybersecurity and peace of mind.

Taiwan Pavilion Exhibitors

Cyber Taiwan Pavilion Special Exhibit Guided Tours

Thematic guided tours offer a closer look at Taiwan’s cybersecurity achievements

Enjoy a comprehensive journey through the Cyber Taiwan Pavilion with multiple tour schedules, special guided tours on diverse topics, in-depth conversations and product presentations and demonstrations. Do not miss the opportunity!

Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit X Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition

Guided tour (Estimated duration: 20 minutes)
8/11 (Tue)
8/12 (Wed)
13:00 Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition --
13:30 Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit 13:30 Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit
14:00 Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition 14:00 Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition
14:30 Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit 14:30 Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit
15:00 Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition 15:00 Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition
15:30 Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit 15:30 Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit
16:00 Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition --

Please register at the information counter on 4th floor on site. Please select the session that you’re interested in and attend the tour based on scheduled time.

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Forum Agenda

Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibit
Four Applications Present the Power of Taiwan Cybersecurity

Due to its highly digitized conditions, Taiwan is able to enjoy a multitude of conveniences, but is also subject to higher levels of hidden cybersecurity risks. As it transforms into a digital economy, the demand for cybersecurity protection has gradually increased for industries in Taiwan. As a result, Cyber Taiwan Pavilion has designed cybersecurity scenarios to present the enhanced cybersecurity capacity of various industries in Taiwan, demonstrating Taiwan’s strength and achievement towards the goal of “Safeguarding Taiwan with Smart Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for Smart Manufacturing

To strengthen the cybersecurity protections and international competitiveness of domestic smart manufacturing, Industrial Development Bureau will be gathering cybersecurity vendors to carry out actual practices on production lines. The program helps manufacturers set up OT risk management procedures compliant with international standards, strengthening cybersecurity and equipment safety on production lines to establish a first-in-class system for a supply chain safety.

ICS Cybersecurity Testbed

Industrial Development Bureau has built Taiwan’s first industrial control system for critical infrastructure paired with cascade control for chemical engineering. Through testbed simulation, the system assists cybersecurity companies in verifying industrial controlled cybersecurity solutions. Also, professional education and training programs were provided to enhance the overall cybersecurity protection capability of Taiwan’s critical infrastructure facilities.

Smart Healthcare Cybersecurity

The implementation of smart healthcare has led to the system digitization and connection of medical equipment to the internet. As a result, cybersecurity has become an issue that hospitals must tackle. To provide a safe and secure environment for patients, and to expand cross-sector cybersecurity integration demonstration cases, Industrial Development Bureau collaborated with the Ministry of Health and Welfare to gather Taiwan’s cybersecurity professionals and introduce innovative cybersecurity technology. Security operation centers were set up to help hospitals conduct comprehensive reviews of their overall cybersecurity architecture.

Cybersecurity Standard for IoT

In 2017, the Industrial Development Bureau began promoting the Cybersecurity Standard for IoT, developing seven cybersecurity standards covering webcams, shared-pole street lights, and smart buses, etc. The bureau also provided guidance to eight qualified testing laboratories in establishing a comprehensive testing and certification system and an IoT product cybersecurity seal. For example, in December 2019, the cybersecurity standard for Video Surveillance System became a national standard (CNS 16120). Such standards greatly enhance the overall safety of Internet applications in Taiwan, ensuring a safety environment for the public.

For more information regarding Taiwan Cybersecurity, see Industrial Development Bureau’s National Cyber Security Development Program by visiting the Art of Cyber War