Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Resilience Matters


Brand new conference venue at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

The fastest growing cybersecurity conference in Asia with over 250 exhibitor brands. The only super-scale cybersecurity exhibition in Taiwan. The designated must-see event for industry, government, academia and research leaders.

Date: August 11 - 12, 2020

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

(Address: No.2, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan)

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Taiwan’s largest cybersecurity event

Exhibitor Brands

Over 250 vendors from around the world along with renowned cybersecurity brands of Taiwan, including thousands of the latest cybersecurity products and services

Exhibition highlights

CYBERSEC EXPO 2020, with brand new extensive planning, the most anticipated exhibition experience

Flagship Exhibition Zone

First-tier cybersecurity global vendors and cybersecurity White Unicorns are fully powered-up to demonstrate the latest technology and services.

Exhibition Brands

Business Exhibition Zone

Global cybersecurity mainstream service providers with professional demonstration offer comprehensive explanation of products.

Exhibition Brands

Standard Exhibition Zone

The gathering of the most comprehensive cybersecurity products and services will provide you with variety of cybersecurity solutions.

Exhibition Brands

Cyber Taiwan Pavilion

You may understand the Taiwan’s powerful capacity in cybersecurity development through featured exhibition, in-depth guided tours, thematic forums and 1on1 Matchmaking with international vendors.

Cybersecurity situational experience zone

Situational designs will allow you to experience the most frequent cybersecurity attacks to businesses, and on-site experts will provide you with the most practical defense strategies.

Taiwan Cyber Security Landscape
“CYBERSEC Special Edition”

Taiwan Cyber Security Landscape is specially designed for you to find your necessary cybersecurity products precisely and quickly plan your personal strategy.

CYBERSEC EXPO 2019 Participants’ Feedback

72.96% Participants saidAble to find the products that helped to resolve cybersecurity issues facing by the company currently at CYBERSEC EXPO

91.84% Participants saidAble to help them in cybersecurity product procurement by visiting CYBERSEC EXPO

95.31% Participants saidAble to better understand cybersecurity products after visiting CYBERSEC EXPO

Exhibitor Products All Products


eDectector is a practical and powerful remote malware-scanning and detecting tool. It detects the behavior of processes and assists users to find out and mark the malwares, even the unknown ones. With this function, you would never be helpless against APT attacks. Besides, eDetector can assist to build an Intranet Security Alarm System, which makes it possible to find the hiding zombie computers earlier. We could hence take the necessary actions against attacks in the shortest time, avoiding the enlarged tragedy of the information security issues.

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TWISC Research Centers

TWISC has established seven affiliated regional centers respectively across Taiwan since then with the headquarters (TWISC@AS) established within and funded by the Research Center of Information Technology Innovation, Academia Sinica. The research activities in TWISC include cryptology, network & software security, data protection, and critical information infrastructure protection, etc..

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Netfos Cyber Security Solution

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Magic Folder

Magic Folder is a fingerprint-authenticated encryption dongle for the confidential files. It is secure, easy-to-use, reliable. The fingerprint sensor module of Magic Folder, SCT-S10C, had been proved by FBI PIV. The capture area is designed to meet FAP10 specification, which can acquire a full fingerprint image at one touch.
        In addition, Magic Folder uses AES-256 chip encryption technology. Not only is it fast in encryption and decryption, but it also keeps your important data secure from hacker attacks. The security is up to national defense level. Magic Folder simplified the user-interface operations and is very intuitive. Administrators can authorize other people to enroll their fingerprints for team usage. Because the encrypted data cannot be encrypted by other Magic Folders with different gold keys, it can prevent the entire company data from theft, and it is safe to transmit encrypted data in cloud. Furthermore, Magic Folder provides the password management function.
        Magic Folder provides the comprehensive technology, helping individuals, teams, enterprises, organizations to build a more secure, reliable, cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-use information security protection net.

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QUARK Android-An Obfuscation-Neglect Android Malware Scoring System

Android malware analysis engine is not a new story. Every antivirus company has their own secrets to build it. With curiosity, we develop a malware scoring system from the perspective of Taiwan Criminal Law in an easy but solid way.

We have an order theory of criminal which explains stages of committing a crime. For example, crime of murder consists of five stages, they are determined, conspiracy, preparation, start and practice. The latter the stage the more we’re sure that the crime is practiced.

According to the above principle, we developed our order theory of android malware. We develop five stages to see if the malicious activity is being practiced. They are 1. Permission requested. 2. Native API call. 3. Certain combination of native API. 4. Calling sequence of native API. 5. APIs that handle the same register. We not only define malicious activities and their stages but also develop weights and thresholds for calculating the threat level of a malware.

Malware evolved with new techniques to gain difficulties for reverse engineering. Obfuscation is one of the most commonly used techniques. In this talk, we present a Dalvik bytecode loader with the order theory of android malware to neglect certain cases of obfuscation.

Our Dalvik bytecode loader consists of functionalities such as 1. Finding cross reference and calling sequence of the native API. 2. Tracing the bytecode register. The combination of these functionalities (yes, the order theory) not only can neglect obfuscation but also match perfectly to the design of our malware scoring system.

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Unified Threat Prevention Platform

The Morphisec Unified Threat Prevention Platform, built on moving target defense, is architected to deterministically block advanced threats such as fileless malware, exploits, and zero-day attacks without needing to detect signatures or relying on behavioral analysis.

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Enterprise Firewall Performance Tester

Enterprise firewalls improve network security by segmenting corporate LANs. However, each of the advanced security functions (e.g. antivirus, app-control, IPS and SSL decryption) has a performance penalty. Combined, these features can seriously reduce network performance (in some instance up to 90%) – frustrating users and reducing business performance.

Safire is the only solution on the market that solves this problem quickly and cost-effectively.

TECHNOLOGIES:  Network Security

Enterprise IT
Network Security
System Integrators
Data Centers

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KX906 Smart Token

The fingerprint biometrics are used to replace the password to solve the current security risks caused by the account password mechanism. Users can manage the encryption keys, credentials and personal biometrics through their fingerprints.
And applied to various credible service processing such as file encryption, digital signature or blockchain and other related applications. Achieve the use of personally controllable digital keys to create a secure network environment.

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Intention Prediction as a Service, IPaaS

Core Cloud IPaaS combines full spectrum threat detection, predictive analytics and automated mitigation to eliminate advanced threats.

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