Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Resilience Matters


Brand new conference venue at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

The fastest growing cybersecurity conference in Asia with over 250 exhibitor brands. The only super-scale cybersecurity exhibition in Taiwan. The designated must-see event for industry, government, academia and research leaders.

Date: August 11 - 12, 2020

Venue: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

(Address: No.2, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang District, Taipei City 11568, Taiwan)

Free registration
Taiwan’s largest cybersecurity event

Exhibitor Brands

Over 250 vendors from around the world along with renowned cybersecurity brands of Taiwan, including thousands of the latest cybersecurity products and services

Exhibition highlights

CYBERSEC EXPO 2020, with brand new extensive planning, the most anticipated exhibition experience

Flagship Exhibition Zone

First-tier cybersecurity global vendors and cybersecurity White Unicorns are fully powered-up to demonstrate the latest technology and services.

Exhibition Brands

Business Exhibition Zone

Global cybersecurity mainstream service providers with professional demonstration offer comprehensive explanation of products.

Exhibition Brands

Standard Exhibition Zone

The gathering of the most comprehensive cybersecurity products and services will provide you with variety of cybersecurity solutions.

Exhibition Brands

Cyber Taiwan Pavilion

You may understand the Taiwan’s powerful capacity in cybersecurity development through featured exhibition, in-depth guided tours, thematic forums and 1on1 Matchmaking with international vendors.

Cybersecurity situational experience zone

Situational designs will allow you to experience the most frequent cybersecurity attacks to businesses, and on-site experts will provide you with the most practical defense strategies.

Taiwan Cyber Security Landscape
“CYBERSEC Special Edition”

Taiwan Cyber Security Landscape is specially designed for you to find your necessary cybersecurity products precisely and quickly plan your personal strategy.

CYBERSEC EXPO 2019 Participants’ Feedback

72.96% Participants saidAble to find the products that helped to resolve cybersecurity issues facing by the company currently at CYBERSEC EXPO

91.84% Participants saidAble to help them in cybersecurity product procurement by visiting CYBERSEC EXPO

95.31% Participants saidAble to better understand cybersecurity products after visiting CYBERSEC EXPO

Exhibitor Products All Products


SQream - The GPU-Accelerated Data Warehouse for Massive Data: Redefined big data analytics with SQream DB, a complementary SQL data warehouse harnessing the power of GPU to enable fast, flexible, and cost-efficient analysis of massive datasets of terabytes to petabytes. 

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The Internet Security, Performance, and Reliability company

1) Advanced DDoS Protection
Fast, globally distributed and intelligent protection against sophisticated DDoS attacks
Protect your Internet properties with a cloud-based, always-on DDoS protection, powered by the intelligence harnessed from Cloudflare’s always learning global network. 
2) Data Breach Prevention
Protect applications from attacks resulting in sensitive customer data compromise
A data compromise can result in the leak of sensitive customer information, such as credit cards, passwords, and other personally identifiable information (PII), from an application's data store. Attackers often use several attack vectors when attempting to compromise customer data, such as DNS spoofing, snooping of data in transit, brute force login attempts, or malicious payload exploits.
The global cost of a data breach on average, per lost or stolen record, is $141 in 2017, and the average total cost of a data breach in the US is $3.62 million. With heightened scrutiny by governments and media, companies are facing severe repercussions from even the smallest data compromise. Business impacts include lost customers and revenues, degraded trust, damaged brand, or regulatory penalties.
Websites and applications require the resilience and intelligence of a scalable network to combat the most sophisticated and newest attacks. Protecting against threats should not degrade performance caused by security induced latencies, and security services must be easy to configure to eliminate misconfigurations, which introduce new vulnerabilities.

1) Accelerate Mobile Experiences
Increase engagement and conversions, regardless of distance to origin servers, device type, or network health
Mobile visitors expect fast, rich online experiences. Mobile device and cellular network limitations can degrade a users mobile experience, resulting in lower conversions, loss of revenue, and degraded brand perception.
Mobile applications and web pages require the speed and scale of a global network to combat mobile-induced latencies and globally dispersed users with poor connectivity. Cloudflare optimizes image files for mobile consumption and provides developers with tools to improve native mobile app performance on challenging networks.
2) Accelerate Internet Applications to Increase Conversion Rates
Deliver fast, rich user experiences for Internet applications that increase engagement and conversions, while reducing costs.
Consumers expect web pages to load quickly. Slow page load times can lead to high bounce rates, page abandonment, and lower conversion rates. Web pages are becoming increasingly complex and users are more globally dispersed; which degrades the user experience. Cloudflare brings content closer to your users by caching static web content on its network. Image files can be optimized to significantly improve load times, and dynamic content can be compressed and routed on the fastest, least congested path to the end-user.

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HERCULES SecDevice is a security assessment tool designed for connected products that provides automated features to save time and man power during testing. 
Function Feature:  
1. Automatic target identification and testing 
2. Intelligent analysis of vulnerabilities 
3. Fuzzing test to find unknown vulnerabilities
4. Supports known vulnerability test cases 
5. Detailed test result reports 
Supporting Devices: 
1. Embedded Devices 
2. IoT Devices 
4. Other, support operated on Ethernet/IP Device

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CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment

CyberFlood Data Breach Assessment is designed to simplify and streamline assessment of security vulnerabilities and provide users with information to harden network security policies. 

By harnessing an emulation approach and providing continuous, accurate assessment, it enables security teams to find the holes in protections before attackers do. 

It also provides clarity and confidence in the enterprise’s security posture, and by extracting complexity from data breach assessments it unburdens teams of very time-consuming activities so they can focus on addressing holes in the threat landscape.

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ThreatVision is a cyber threat intelligence platform that helps customers to identify threats, know the adversary, and increase situational awareness. ThreatVision bridges TeamT5 analysts and clients to fusion of external and internal intelligence, integrates cyber threat intel and malicious sample identification mechanism. Customers can access TeamT5 intelligence database through ThreatVision's portal to search or request for an analysis of the threats about its malware families, adversary groups, and indicators.

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Fractal security storage

    A smart contract storage system with fractal module and private blockchain forms an ultra-secured file storage management system.
Secure data transfer solution
    No data will be transferred, only encrypted fragment pieces is passing. It is not only applying to file transfer, but also multimedia.
Dynamic access authority management
    Both printed and digital publishing file can be real-time control the access authority with fractal engine and the e-paper reading module. 

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A platform to integrate network data residing in different sources and provide real-time network status, access control and end-point security.

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Penetration Testing

In the aspects of hackers, we attempt to invade a corporate's website and information system, from exterior to interior, in purpose of doxing the possibility of potential threats for issuance of complete report and advice of improvement.

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