Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

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About the Exhibitor

TEC Solutions Limited, industry's innovator devoted in develop a total solution in endpoint security and IT management, we are committed to providing enterprises a fast, reliable, secure, light weighted and easy to use system at the highest quality. TEC Solutions' IP-guard endpoint protection and document encryptions are designed to help enterprises around the world to prevent data misconduct, exfiltration and protect against new age information security threats. 


Endpoint Audit

IP-guard Endpoint Protection

Designed to protect and manage endpoint computers against potential data theft by recording end-user operation logs and enforcing corporate policies and regulations. IP-guard provides end-user operation analysis by collecting detailed document, application, website, peripheral and many other operation logs. Whilst collecting user logs the IP-guard can generate real-time warnings alerts to notify any unauthorized behaviors and intervene operation against corporate policies.

Data Leak Protection

IP-guard Data Discover

Designed to scan existing documents to detect predefined keyword and patterns within the documents.  IP-guard data discover work in conjunction with IP-guard V4 endpoint protection and IP-guard V+ document encryption to prevent detected documents been copied, mail or uploaded etc. to unauthorized medium. 


IP-guard V+ Document Encryption

A robust and reliable document encryption system that automatically encrypt documents on creation to ensures documents only accessible in the authorized environment.  Apart from the traditional encryption methodology, IP-guard V+ Document encryption emphasis on the smoothness of data transfer within the organization and between supplier and vendors. IP-guard's USB agent, offline reader facilitates the obstacle when opening encrypted document outside authorized environments. 

Web Security

IP-guard Encryption Security Gateway

Designed to work in conjunction with IP-guard V+ Document Encryption system to avoid customization with existing ERP, CRM, revision control system and act as the gateway to prevent any unauthorized device interact with abovementioned systems.


IP-guard NAC

Designed to increase the safety of the network by limiting the availability of network resource to endpoint computers. IP-guard NAC works in conjunction with IP-guard endpoint protection to deny network access to computers who do not meet the minimum requirement of corporate regulation.

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    Endpoint AuditData Leak ProtectionEncryptionWeb SecurityNAC