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iSecurity Inc.

About the Exhibitor

iSecurity was established in early 2004 by senior staff of the former Financial Services Group of the Institute for Information Industry. It is committed to providing the most forward-looking world-class information security solutions and consulting services to assist enterprises in strengthening information security protection and creating secure Quality business environment. After years of hard work and hard work, today a number of iSecurity's customer base has covered index companies in high-tech, telecommunications, finance, shipping, and e-commerce worldwide, and established "professional, forward-looking, innovative, and practical" brand image. For more information, visit


Data Leak Protection

DIGITAL GUARDIAN Data Protect Platorm

Digital Guardian is a next-generation data protection platform built to prevent corporate data leakage. This platform makes it easier and clearer for IT / Security personnel to understand corporate networks, traditional endpoint devices and server hosts, mobile devices, and cloud applications in order to more easily view and prevent all threats of sensitive data leakage.

Digital Guardian is the only product developed by Verdasys since its establishment in 2003. Verdasys focuses only on the field of Data Loss Prevention (DLP). THe protection modules related functions are all designed based on protecting corporate assets and avoiding leakage of corporate data. 

In order to  meet the benefits and benefits that Digital Guardian can bring to customers, Verdasys decided to change the company name to the well-known Digital Guardian, which is also a name familiar to the broad customer base using Digital Guardian. DLP will definitely think of Digital Guardian (DG)!

OT Security


The purpose of Waterfall Unidirectional Security Gateways (USG) is to replace the firewall equipment in the industrial network environment, to provide an absolutely secure protection of the control system and the maintenance network to avoid attacks from external networks. A firewall device is absolutely capable on a general Information Technology (IT) network. However, when an Operational Technology (OT) network requires an absolutely secure network channel, the strength and reliability of the firewall device are not sufficient because:

1. The firewall has an operating system, a central processing unit, memory, and storage space:
Therefore, there may be software vulnerabilities and hardware defects that may cause the firewall device to be bypassed.

2. The firewall is artificially set:
Therefore, there may be artificial configuration errors (Misconfiguration), allowing the rules of the firewall device to be changed.
3. The firewall relies on network communication to transmit:
Therefore, 3-way handshake for network communication is still needed for communication, which is still essentially two-way network communication.

Therefore, Waterfall has developed products such as Unidirectional Security Gateways to address the above issues.

OT Security

Radiflow iSID

Radiflow iSID Industrial Threat Detection System is a server platform application for SCADA networks that analyzes network traffic in OT operating environments to prevent cyber threats.

Radiflow iSID combines two different capabilities: SCADA / ICS automatically learns network modeling asset inventory and network behavior abnormality detection, utilizes receiving all network traffic (Mirroring or TAP), and analyzes and generates network topology models, and Non-benchmark behavior as a detection indicator. It can further enhance the functions of iSID through integration with third-party product solutions, including integration with Aperio's malicious behavior analysis database and Darkgnet attack intelligence from Sixgill.

feature of product:
1. Automatic learning of network topology and operation behavior
2. Network traffic analysis of SCADA's DPI protocol
3. Monitor configuration changes in the PLC
4. Anomaly detection and analysis for the model
5. Known vulnerability detections for signature files
6. Non-intrusive network operation
7. Central or distributed deployment
8. Automatic learning reduces false alarm rate

IDS analysis will analyze the received packets for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), classify and inspect the bandwidth used and ICS industrial network protocols, access ports and traffic between connected devices. Judge by changes between parameters and conditions that meet normal or abnormal behavior. The detection process is continuously fine-tuned based on known behavior, automatically through a properly defined self-learning process.

To this end, IDS provides six core functions:
1. Network Visibility: Based on SCADA network auto-learning, it scans all ICS traffic by passive (optional: active) to identify all devices in the OT environment.
2. Maintenance Management: Monitor whether the maintenance operation is legal at a specific time or device, and leave an audit record.
3. Cyber ​​Attacks: Continuously detect PLC specific and specific agreement vulnerabilities or suspicious command attacks.
4. Policy Monitor: Define policies on each pair of device connections and detect compliance.
5. Anomaly Detection: Compared to the previously defined normal network benchmarks, it detects abnormal activities, including device updates, network topology changes, abnormal access, and firmware change monitoring.
6. Measuring Operational Behavior: Detects abnormal delays in the connection, and packet loss and retransmission rates caused by excessive load.

Cloud Security


Provides SaaS, IaaS and Web security protection through a single cloud platform. Visibility, granular access control, DLP can be provided no matter where employees are located or using any device.


    1. Enterprise data security and leakage protection
    2. Protect corporate website security
    3. Early warning of corporate external security threats
    4. Defense mechanisms for social engineering attacks
    5. Detection and protection of endpoint threats
    6. Stop the tying price of ransomware

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