Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

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The mission of Digicentre is to take our more than 10 years of operational experience and use it to deliver premium IaaS and SaaS to digital content industry clients, allowing them to focus their resources more directly on providing great service to customers.

Digicentre's three major data centers are built on direct peering networks with major telecom providers. Our 24/7 services handle more than 450,000 concurrent users and more than 240 million monthly members. Our operations and services continue to expand.

Digicentre started as the IT department of a major Taiwanese gaming company: Gamania. Seeing the unique gifts and experience that could be offered to clients, the team began to branch out their IDC, security and integration services from there. Today, Digicentre's ownership is shared by publicly listed shareholders, Gamania and MDS.



Digicentre uses secure, high-performance, and cost effective infrastructure. With professional expert advice digicentre  provide tailor-made solutions for customers’ operating demands.


Highly integrated local and virtual services designed for large-scale computing.


With decades of security experience, digicentre  protects clients in 95 countries.  This includes 60,000 computers and over 6 million attacks every day. Digicentre  protects customers from attacks and security risks.

App Security

Protect developers from revenue loss, hackers tampering with in-game purchase systems, source code theft, fraud, or application credentials being compromised.



    With over a decade of security experience, we protect clients in 95 countries.  This includes 60,000 computers and over 6 million attacks every day. We reduce your risk and help protect your enterprise.


    Information Security Diagnostics,Code Review, Social Engineering, Vulnerability Scan, Penetration Testing, Post-Penetration Testing, AI SOC, Incident Response, Cloud DDoS Service, Amazing Thor, appGuard, Smart Sensing

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