Aug 12 - 14

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About the Exhibitor

Cellopoint is a leader in industry with outstanding email security and threat intelligence analysis. We focus on email security and risk management, which providing CelloCloud cloud threat analytics, email archiving and grid search, email digital asset preservation and digital evidence litigation process management, and confidential leakage protection and encryption. We help organizations to solve email security threats which are from hacking, APT penetration, phishing scams, ransomware, mail data expansion, confidential leakage problem and etc., in turn to reducing organization operation risk.


Messaging Security

Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway (SEG)

Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is an integrated email security gateway solution deployed in front of the Mail Server. It uses the original CelloOS technology and the industry-leading CelloCloud, a Cloud online security system, with a multi-layer scanning mechanism to effectively block the threats of Advanced Malware、Ransomware、Businese Email Compromise、Spam、Virus、Phishing Emails、Spyware、Mail Bombs, and Springboard attacks from entering your network and protecting the email security infrastructure, while improving the performance of the mail server.

Data Leak Protection

Email Data Loss Prevention(DLP) for auditing and encryption

Cellopoint mail policy engine can pre-establish DLP detection conditions and execution actions of enterprise organization's outbound mail, in order to detect and protect personal information、business secrets and company intellectual property. Outbound mail encryption provides PDF which is easy to use,  HTTPs encryption, and S/MIME encryption that emphasizes strict protection, both practical, convenient and also for highly sensitive information protection. Email encryption is no longer a high-tech technology, which providing organizations with flexible planning of email security.

Threat Intelligence

CTI Cellopoint Threat Intellgence Service

Cellopoint provide Sender IP reputation lists、the latest malicious email with malware MD5 or fingerprint、new url malicious database and phishing emails patterns through customize service.


    Cellopoint UTM secure your email

    Cellopoint offers a complete solution for your mail server, including all these, as well as nail archiving and digital signature.


    Email Security defense
    APT attack protection

    • Data Loss Prevention
    • Archive, search, and digital asset management
    • Social Engineering Service 
    • Cellopoint Threat Intelligence Service
    • CelloCloud Service

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    Messaging SecurityData Leak ProtectionThreat Intelligence