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HwaCom Systems Inc. is established in 1994. With the mission of "Bring Broadband Digital Life to You ", HwaCom is the leading broadband system integrator and supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks related services as well as multimedia application in Taiwan. In addition, HwaCom has partnerships of major international leading IT and Network companies, can provide most comprehensive broadband application integration services covered Telecom, Media, government and Manufacture industries from infrastructure to application to fulfill the requirement of enterprises and government services in Taiwan.


OT Security

OT cybersecurity consulting services

The popularity of the Internet and IT system architecture has blurred the gap between OT and IT environment, and with the development of emerging IT technologies such as cloud and big data in recent years, many manufacturers or critical infrastructure providers are more likely to have their existing control systems and components (e.g. IACS, DCS, The OT (Operation Technology) of SCADA introduces intelligent manufacturing solutions to connect all the components and systems, so called Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT, Industrial IoT) environment.
The likelihood of cyberattacks was increased on automated production, manufacturing equipment and critical infrastructure in industries that rely on industrial control systems with this trend of interconnecting and data sharing/analyzing. In further, there was a semiconductor manufacturing company's entire plant was paralyzed by malware for hours and cost billions of Taiwan dollars. As manufacturing and information security industries shocked by this case, management and stakeholders have been concerned about the issue of the Industrial Internet of Things.
Although management, stakeholders and OT environment asset owners have begun to recognize the importance of information security, but it is difficult to carry out the risk analysis of the industrial control Internet of Things, but also the lack of relevant knowledge to develop a sustainable improvement of the level of capital security protection of security plan, let alone risk communication with stakeholders.
In order to enable management, stakeholders and OT environment asset owners to escape this “unable to do” circumstances, We deliver professional consulting services based on international industrial security、Internet of Things security management standards and operational practices to help enterprises achieve following goals:

  • Policy and organizations formulation
  • Security risk identification/analysis/mitigation
  • Continuous improvement program
  • Hardware and software implementation
  • Communication with third-party suppliers or stakeholders
  • Cyber Security Management System implementation
OT Security

Smart X OT cybersecurity assessment & monitor solution

With the Internet of Things (IoT) leading-in to Industrial control environment, network appliances or sensor deployed can be hundreds even more thousands in same area, improve capacity and efficiency, at the same time, increasing the attack surface and risk from hackers.

HWACOM Inc. provides a totally OT security solution by using CyberX which battle-tested industrial cybersecurity platform. Professional consultant design accurate cybersecurity plan via consider OT-specific connection characteristic, provides customized testing service and consulting services to helping company build security zone for manufacturing industry environment at once.

1. Asset discovery and security analysis visualization:  
    To stay on top of company's IT/OT asset and network status in depth, identify endpoint vulnerabilities and data leakage pathway exactly on OT environment

2. Threat Intelligence:
    Track global IoT&ICS cyber intelligence, zero-days, known malware, targeted attacks, hacker campaigns or techniques. On the basis of utilizing big data to real-time identify misconduct and potential threat precisely.

3. Predict Attack Vector:
    Machine learning with plentiful intelligence in order to predict the most likely paths of hacker attacks, formulate customized security policy in advance, build threat model and incident response, keep the evidence by prudent procedures and forensic tools.

4. Unified IT/OT Security system:
    Integrate edge device, SIEMs, monitor & cloud, for unified IT/OT security governance, and enhanced company's defense and incident response.

5. Non-Invasive Deployment:
Customer doesn't need to change existing architecture, or share their own confidential information to consultant.


    OT cybersecurity consulting services / OT cybersecurity assessment services / OT cybersecurity anomaly detection & incident response solution

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