Aug 12 - 14

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2





About the Exhibitor

InfinitiesSoft is a Taiwanese firm founded in 2003. The company focuses on providing hybrid cloud management software called CloudFusion and lately introduces InfinitiesSoft AI-Stack turnkey solution with partners. With more than a decade of strong R&D capability in hybrid/multi-cloud management, InfinitiesSoft has been awarded pre-A funding from angel/VC investors, and successful customer testimonies, to become a leading provider in "AI hyper cloud management platform" in APAC.

To optimize resource allocation, InfinitiesSoft provides customers the omnicloud management suite all the way from development workflow planning to deployment crossing multi/hybrid clouds. We have been collaborating with peers in the cloud industry at home and abroad, earning more leads together, including servers and storage manufacturers, public cloud service providers, data centers, incorporated associations, academic institutions, and so on. Through each party’s support and integration, we aim to boost cloud computing industry and commit to creating a better future. 


Identity Governance

CloudFusion Enterprise 2019

It's InfinitiesSoft's patented and award-winning enterprise multi/hybrid cloud self-service and management software, developed to readily connect with prevailing private cloud hypervisor virtualization technologies (e.g. VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack, Xen, etc.) and popular public cloud platforms (e.g.AWS, Azure, GCE, AliCloud, etc.) with open APIs to embrace the fast-changing cloud landscape. 
InfinitiesSoft have been helping leading data centers to transform into cutting edge cloud providers (e.g. AI/GPU Cloud and Big Data Cloud with TWGC under NCHC/NARLab - Taiwan's national HPC centers for advanced research, and Chief Telecom - one of the largest data centers in Taiwan under CHT, just to name a few) with our patented and award-winning technologies and software solutions to help them achieve data center modernization and cloud transformation with feature sets packaged in CloudFusion, offering:

(1) a unified self-service User Portal (or IaaS Store Front, ushering AWS-like experience) for customer's tenant administrators and end-users to access, buy, and use the hosted datacenter infra as cloud resources, and
(2) an Operation Portal (or IaaS Backoffice) for cloud provider's administrators to pool/define resources as sellable inventories from prevailing solutions among private/public clouds, and to package/price them into different offers in service catalogs.

With our solutions, a vast majority of data center/cloud providers' IaaS commerce workflows can be automated and self-serviced, to improve customer experience on par with world-class public clouds and to elevate manageability and efficiency in monetizing cloud infrastructural resources.

AI-Stack Machine Learning Collaboration and Management Platform

Essentially this AI-Stack software product is a self-contained private-cloud-based computing environment automation and self-service platform, designed for enterprise AI/ML and Big Data scientists/engineers' training, research, and development works, by streamlining (GPU and CPU) computing, (VM and containerized) virtualization, and tool environment (e.g. AI frameworks packaged in selectible container images, and big data frameworks with Cloudera) with AWS-like user experience for infrastructure orchestration, to hide/simplify cloud infrastructural complexities for AI/ML and big data professionals (on average spending around 35% of their working hours preparing the needed IT infrastructures and resources in place before commencing their works).

It's highly scalable and expandible for your growing demand for IT infrastructures to power your journey along AI/ML, Big Data, and clouds (ready for private, multi, and hybrid clouds).

White paper

  • AI / Data Science Cloud Platform

    InfinitiesSoft AI-Stack features a dual user-oriented/administrator-oriented portal with GPU support and automation of AI processes, reducing complexity and the learning curve for users to adopt Tensorflow, Caffe and a variety of other tools that focus on deep learning. With this AI Stack, user doesn't need to spend time on system maintenance, adjustment and deployment scheduling and instead can focus on AI/ML tasks. 



CloudFusion Hybrid Cloud Management Platform

CloudFusion is a hybrid cloud management platform which can support and integrate the resources from private and public clouds. CloudFusion allows users to build a hybrid cloud by joining their on-premises private cloud to one or more public clouds.


Hybrid Cloud Management

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Identity Governance