Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Resilience Matters



TeamT5 Inc.

About the Exhibitor

TeamT5 is a cyber security company dedicated on cyber threat research and solutions. They are a group of experienced cyber threat hunters. They help people deal with cyber attacks with their unique threat intelligence and knowledge. They are collaborating with clients and partners in many countries, including US, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan. The founder Sung-ting Tsai (TT) has more than 15 years' experience in the cyber security industry. He is also co-founder of HITCON and chief director of association of hackers in Taiwan. Most of the team members are frequently publish research in many global security/hacker conferences.


Threat Intelligence


ThreatVision is a cyber threat intelligence platform that helps customers to identify threats, know the adversary, and increase situational awareness. ThreatVision bridges TeamT5 analysts and clients to fusion of external and internal intelligence, integrates cyber threat intel and malicious sample identification mechanism. Customers can access TeamT5 intelligence database through ThreatVision's portal to search or request for an analysis of the threats about its malware families, adversary groups, and indicators.

Incident Response


TeamT5 offers an advanced threat hunting technology and platform - ThreatSonar. It is a very unique tool for defense on post-exploitation stage. With the leading intelligence of cyber espionage attackers, TeamT5 designed a unique technology and invented a methodology to help clients dealing with targeted attacks. It has already scanned more than 500K endpoints and kept helping people to discover threats that their existing security solutions couldn't see.


    ThreatSonar Auto-investigation

    Discovering related infection origins, lateral-movement traces and data exfiltration through graph visualization.


    -Threat Intelligence 
    -Threat Hunting
    -Malware Forensics
    -Consulting Service

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    Threat IntelligenceIncident Response