Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

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About the Exhibitor

Cyberview is a professional VAD(Value Added Distributor). We have the power of “Technical”, “Sales” and “Marketing”. Become the strongest and most powerful backing of partner and customer. Through our vision of helping businesses gain profit through information technology, we have continuously introduced the latest concepts and products, and successfully became an agent for many IT products over the past 10 years. We provide customers in the Chinese market with professional analysis, consulting, and system development.

Exclusive agency of Votiro Disarmer, efficient tool of information security, it is the terminator of malicious attacks. Its proven CDR technology builds an indestructible wall towards the company’s internal network, removes malicious threats before they have a chance to penetrate, and ensures all files coming into the company’s network can be opened at no risk. Vitoro Disarmer not only detects but provides protections before any other security system. It is the only solution to any zero-day cyberattacks.



■  Disarmer for EMAIL
1. Function
(1) Supports all mail system 
(2) Retains complete email content and attachment
(3) Easy to deploy and integrate with email server
2. Context of Use
(1) Prevent Email extortion scams 
(2) Ensure the URL Link in the email and attachement is safe

■ Disarmer For WEB
1. Function
(1) Provides security for browser downloads
(2) Prevent weaponized files to be loaded to endpoint
2. Context of Use
(1) Security protection on "save as" in web browser

■ Disarmer For File Transfer
1. Function
(1) Integrats with current file server
(2) Supprts internet isolation  structure
(3) Achieve seamless file transfer
2. Context of Use
(1) Security on file transfer between internet and intranet
(2) High security files/ Quarantined files

■ Disarmer For Removable Device
1. Function
(1) Security protection on importing files from portable media devices
(2) User-friendly interface 
(3) Can be established according to unit protection policy
2. Context of Use
(1) Safety control on imported files
(2) Record on exported files

■ Disarmer API
1. Function
(1) Integrates with existing programs
(2) Safe REST API 
(3) Supports complexed file quarantine and exchange structure
2. Context of Use
(1) Security protection on program file exchange (For example, submit for publication, quiz contest, public opinion mailbox, questionnaire, project plan documents)

White paper


Disarming Password Protected Files Using Votiro Disarmer

How do you know your password protected or encrypted files are safe to open? Anti-virus and Sandbox solutions cannot identify malicious code embedded in a locked file. Votiro’s File Disarmer improves productivity by sanitizing every known password protected file type with a self-service workflow. Don’t bog down your security team!


  • Disarmer for EMAIL
  • Disarmer For WEB
  • Disarmer For File Transfer
  • Disarmer For Removable Device
  • API Disarmer API

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