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XCome Technology is committed to cooperating with telecommunications operators, handheld devices and computer manufacturers for a long time. By synchronizing with the latest mobile communication technology, it develops and integrates enterprise mobile security solutions for various mobile devices. Solutions to address enterprise mobile security needs and increase employee mobile productivity.
XCome completed the first set of enterprise mobile management(EMM/ MDM) customized solutions(Customized SkyMDM) in 2016. Through localized professional services, we provide project flexibility and cost-effectiveness unmatched by major international manufacturers. With deep accumulation of R&D energy and industry, our customers are well-known companies in Taiwan, China, Japan, and France, and meet various industrial needs, including semiconductor, high-tech, catering, restaurant and transportation industries.
XCome launched the EMM(enterprise mobile management) standard platform-SkyMDM in October 2018. It includes Cloud(cloud solution) and On Premise (enterprise server) versions of EMM/MDM solutions, enabling enterprises to fully manage Smart phones and mobile devices through a single platform. Enterprises can improve work output and efficiency through mobile management without affecting the security of corporate information.


Mobile Security

XCome EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution - SkyMDM

XCome EMM(Enterprise Mobile Management)solution - SkyMDM, includes the following main functions:
Mobile device basic function management and control:

  • Device function management: Camera, microphone, screen capture restriction...
  • Date and time restriction: Date and time setting restriction.
  • Password policy: Rules and strength of password setting.
  • Certificate Management Policy: Upload, install, and manage digital certificates as a basis for authorizing network or service access.
  • Security management: Device white/black list, remote execute factory reset, remote lock...

Wi-fi and Networks management:

  • Mobile network management: Mobile network, outgoing call, SMS, data roaming restriction...
  • Wi-Fi restriction and management: Wi-Fi config, Wi-Fi state(always on/off) restriction.
  • Tethering restriction.
  • APN setting and management.
  • Chrome browser setting: website white/black list, proxy setting...

File transfer and storage management:

  • Bluetooth state(on/off), Bluetooth share restriction.
  • USB file transfer, physical media restriction.
  • Out-going beam restriction.

Location service and tracking

  • Location share restriction.
  • Location tracking.
  • Location map, Latitude and longitude.

Kiosk mode setting

  • Setting Kiosk mode.
  • Kiosk mode app setting.

Application Management:

  • APP store management: APP list, APP upload, APP delete…
  • APP white list.
  • APP runtime permission setting.
  • Remote Silent install, remote un-install.
  • APP install, APP un-install restriction.

FOTA Management(Requires customized mobile device)

  • Device Firmware update management.
  • Group of devices firmware upgrade.
  • Device Firmware upgrade status statistics and report.

Advanced Management

  • Dashboard: SkyMDM dashboard can clearly show the current status, compliance status, policy delivery status, etc. of the mobile device.
  • Report and Log management: Provide system and device status report and log. Clearly understand the effectiveness of mobile device configuration and follow-up review.

White paper

  • XCome EMM solution-SkyMDM intro

    XCome EMM solution(SkyMDM)-Product introduction, Industrial applications and success case



Android Enterprise: Management Overview


Enterprise mobility management(EMM/MDM) solution 

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