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Founded in 2010, SQream Technologies has redefined big data analytics with SQream DB – a complementary SQL database harnessing the power of GPU to enable fast, flexible, and cost-efficient analysis of massive datasets of hundreds of terabytes or more.

SQream DB integrates seamlessly into enterprises’ MPP ecosystems, reducing query time from hours to minutes, eliminating bottlenecks, and enabling complex queries that were previously infeasible. SQream’s proprietary technology analyzes raw data directly, enabling data scientists and BI analysts to ask more questions about more data from a variety of perspectives without the need for arduous preparation.

Organizations around the world use SQream DB to drastically improve their workflow, accelerate business intelligence and gain access to a world of never-before-seen insights. Customers include leading companies in telecom, retail, ad-tech, healthcare and other industries across the US, EMEA and APAC.

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SQream - The GPU-Accelerated Data Warehouse for Massive Data: Redefined big data analytics with SQream DB, a complementary SQL data warehouse harnessing the power of GPU to enable fast, flexible, and cost-efficient analysis of massive datasets of terabytes to petabytes. 

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White paper

  • How Telecoms Overcome Big Data Challenges

    Mobile services subscribers use their connected devices for everything from voice, text, video, gaming, and more, creating enormous and fast-growing quantities of data. While this data carries great potential, Telecoms bear the difficult challenge of storing, navigating, and turning these huge data stores into actionable insights. Those telecom organizations that succeed in unlocking the intelligence gems hidden in these treasure troves of data often find themselves better poised to compete in an increasingly cluttered and competitive market.

  • How Financial Serveice Companies Overcome Big Data Challenges

    The financial landscape has changed drastically over the last twenty years, as technological advancements and the internet revolution have enabled new and more complex financial business models. These changes brought with them new ways of interacting with customers and other financial institutions, and facilitated game-changing competition by narrowing certain barriers to entry. The digital transformation of financial services produced never-before-seen volumes of data growing at an unprecedented rate.

  • Making The Most Of Your Investment In Hadoop

    Hadoop came to prominence when the web exploded with unstructured data. The use of unstructured data is common for web analytics, where flexibility is required for unknown or compound fields (arrays, nested objects, or just unknown). The popularity of Hadoop for these use-cases led to its adoption, also for structured use-cases. For these cases, SQL query engines have been bolted on Hadoop, and convert relational operations into map/reduce style operations.

  • A look Inside SQream DB

    In the past, data was small, as were the number of data consumers. Most datasets were relatively simple, coming from a handful of ERP, CRM and other transactional sources. Traditional data warehouses were built to support this type of data. As computing hardware advanced, these databases got faster ‘for free’. However, they have by now become legacy technology incapable of utilizing new parallelized computing paradigms

  • Fast, Fine-Grained Analytics with SQream DB and Tableau

    SQream DB brings a new technological approach that eliminates data professionals’ struggles at the source, resulting in fast, accurate, up-to-the-minute dashboards from which vast new insights can be extracted. SQream’s GPU-accelerated data warehouse is designed for fast, unrestricted access to an organization’s full scope of data, even when data grows exponentially. SQream’s technology enables Tableau users to explore and productize interactive dashboards that power many aspects of modern data-driven organizations.



Introducing SQream DB - The GPU-accelerated data warehouse for massive data

SQream DB is a fully-featured GPU-accelerated data warehouse, capable of handling the most complex queries. SQream DB has all of the features you expect from a relational database system, like comprehensive ANSI SQL support. Anyone can use SQream DB to load, store, and analyze data up to 100x faster than any other data warehouse.

SQream DB Demo of Clickstream Analysis

Clickstream analysis on hundreds of millions of rows with SQream usingTableau visualizer - Insights in under 2 seconds

Accelerating Analytics in a New Era of Data - Arnon Shimoni, SQream

Organizations today produce exponentially more data than they did just a few years ago, but their databases weren’t built to handle these new volumes. As a result, reporting takes way too long, and some complex analytics simply cannot be done. The Era of Massive Data is upon us, and a new approach is required to overcome the limitations of traditional CPU-based data stores.

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