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Envinex Technology is a professional Data communications and network company, specialized in Telecommunication network and computing network agency service of test equipment and Integration. 

Our business covers Data Communication, Telecom and computing network testing and Integration for large organizations, Network Equipment Manufacturers and Telecom Operators in terms of broadband access, optical network, data and Internet system.


OT Security


Allot is a leading provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions that empower communications service providers (CSPs) and enterprises worldwide to enhance the value they bring to their customers. With over 20 years of proven success, our solutions turn network, application, usage and security data into actionable intelligence that make our customers’ networks smarter and their users more secure.

Allot network-based visibility, control and security solutions are deployed globally by the world’s leading service providers and enterprises to improve network performance, ensure optimal QoE and deliver value added security services. Our leading network security solutions achieve unmatched results.

See. Control. Secure.
Your network and your customers are your assets. With Allot Intelligence, Control and Security at the heart of your network, you gain the visibility and power needed to improve business decisions, target customers better, and protect any device connected to your network right from within. With Allot you can truly be much more than just a network.

Network Firewall



Enterprise Firewall Performance Tester

Enterprise firewalls improve network security by segmenting corporate LANs. However, each of the advanced security functions (e.g. antivirus, app-control, IPS and SSL decryption) has a performance penalty. Combined, these features can seriously reduce network performance (in some instance up to 90%) – frustrating users and reducing business performance.

Safire is the only solution on the market that solves this problem quickly and cost-effectively.

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Network Analysis & Forensics

Cubro EXA8

Enterprises need a more intelligent network security and monitoring approach which provides granular visibility down to the link layer. The EXA8 is the first packaged hardware and software solution in the market that addresses the needs of enterprise customers and network engineers for a fail-safe network tapping, traffic capture, and troubleshooting platform.

It is possible to manage the EXA8 not only remotely but wirelessly with the addition of 4G or Satellite modems. Given the small, portable form factor, low power consumption, and economical cost of the EXA8, it becomes a very compelling option for remote and distributed deployments.

Network Analysis & Forensics


The EX32 series Network Packet Broker is a cost-effective solution for high port density 10G networks and offers expanded features over the previous Packetmasters such as packet slicing and user-defined filters.

The EX32 features 32 x 1 or 10G SFP+ interfaces offering exceptional port density and features at a very compelling price point. The EX32+ model also adds an additional 2 x 40G QSFP ports. These QSFP ports also support breakout cables to individual 4 x 1/10G connections bringing the 1/10G link capacity up to a possible 40 x 1/10G interfaces.


Network Analysis & Forensics


The EXA24160 is a next-generation network packet broker capable of filtering up to OSI Layer 7. The EXA24160 is capable of advanced functionality such as deduplication, time-stamping, and session-based filtering on a keyword (search the payload of a packet for specific keyword match) or regular expression matching (search the payload for a pattern match). This is accomplished by a pair of powerful x86 processors that handle L5-7 filtering.


Network Analysis & Forensics

Cubro AGG-32100

The AGG-32100 series Network Packet Broker is a cutting edge solution for environments with high densities of 100G links. The AGG-32100 is part of the Fifth Generation (G5) network packet brokers from Cubro. The architecture in these devices is a programmable switching fabric that offers unparalleled performance and throughput for extremely high-bandwidth installations.

The AGG-32100 features 32 x 40/100G QSFP/QSFP28 interfaces and also supports 10G/25G coverage via breakout cables providing an extensive and flexible level of connectivity.



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