Aug 11 - 12

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About the Exhibitor

Billows is a cyber security company in which provides security solutions and consultant services in response to the compliance needs of Cyber Security Management Act and Protection of Personal Data. With our diversified technical solutions, Billows aims to help customers to integrate Cyber security regulations and system maintenance processes. Through automation and visualization, customers can quickly respond to threats on a single security platform and easily grasp information of the security compliance status.


Governance、Risk & Compliance

Billows OneMan SOC

Based on the big data platform of the Billows LogMaster, a large amount of relevant information from IT, OT, and IOT is collected and stored in accordance to comply with regulatory requirements. It also integrates with AT & T AlienVault USM , in which  combines with functions like intrusion detection, behavior monitoring, and vulnerability assessment , asset discovery and etc…Providing relevant SIEM's  correlation rules and characteristics of the latest information security attacks. Furthermore, our platform combined with AI analysis module of for the efficiency and accuracy of detecting malicious behavior.

In addition to continuous internal monitoring and improving the credibility of incidents, our platform provides automatic updates or manually update correlation rules. Allowing tech administrators to find and solve the problems immediately, improving the internal monitoring in a timely manner. 

Incident response is also integrated into our platform. For example, in order to improve the processing time, we have added communication APP function so that administrator will not miss anything. If there is new malicious IP / URL information, we can block it automatically through our proactive defense system . When emergency incident needs to be reported and handled immediately , You’ll be notified by our security notification and it’ll be handle accordingly through our forensics analysis. Our OneMan SOC platform assists in the entire 
process management workflow: from generating notification forms to completing the entirety of each case. Helping customers to secure their internal monitoring.

Security Information and Event Management

Billows LogMaster

This platform allows collecting, compressing and saving large volumes of raw logs. It 
also allows for integration with other reporting software to maximize visibility and 
allow effective visualization of internal information. Additionally, users can also 
automatically forward security logs to their threat analysis platform based on their 
custom cyber security analysis needs. LogMaster offers the following capabilities.
Log Storage: collecting and normalizing logs while performing long-term log 
storage and non-repudiation verification
Threat analysis: Integrating analysis within inbuilt threat modules so as to detect 
abnormal events
Packet storage: automatically saving packets when a specific security incident 
occurs, preserving the integrity of digital forensics
Quick response: provisioning of an automated response mechanism that 
effectively shortens response time and automatically generates the required event 
messages, simplifying and shortening incident response steps.

Threat Intelligence

Billows ISAC Information Security Incident Notification System

In accordance with the requirements for reporting security incidents of the Cyber Security Management Act, when a security incident occurs, it must be reported to a higher-level unit. Therefore, thru this platform to receive incidents information and verify whether the incident needs to be reported. From generating the specific report format to comply with the standard procedure automatically, to process and complete the entirety of each case in accordance of the National Center for Cyber Security Technology’s standardized format. Enhancing the immediacy, correctness and integrity of information, while instant sharing the incident information in helping to secure and reinforce the overall response.


    Billows All-In-One Security monitoring platform

    Explain the complete solution of our comprehensive  security monitoring platform, and introduce the methods and main functions of collection, analysis, and response respectively.


    SOC /Log Management  / Security Incident Response /Threat Intelligence / SIEM/ Network Analysis & Forensics/ Nework Detection Reponse

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    Governance、Risk & ComplianceSecurity Information and Event ManagementThreat Intelligence