Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

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BlockChain Security

About the Exhibitor

BlockChain Security was established in 2018. We combine information security and the latest technologies in all areas of the blockchain to provide digital evidence preservation, as well as various blockchain solutions fit for different industries. From the start, we incorporated Postchain, a mature framework from Sweden built on a blockchain infrastructure, which is also based on valuable insights from science, technology and legal experts and scholars. This framework, in addition, utilizes important blockchain attributes of being non-repudiable, tamper-proof and permanent.


Messaging Security

ChkSender: E-Mail Preservation and Authenticity Verification

ChkSender is a browser extension that is easy to install and use, not interfering with user's normal usage habits. It, in essence, enables users to confirm email authenticity by verifying email’s hash value, and to validate email integrity by verifying sender's domain information.

When transmitting crucial emails, email is both saved & sent out via a one-click action; its digital fingerprint is, thus, permanently stored on blockchain and its timestamp is recorded. For confidential content protection, email can first be encrypted by assigning it a password, before being sent out. As a result, In case of any future disputes such as remittance transfer issues, the stored evidence can be used in court aiding with legal defense.

Received email is verified in one click, confirming email authenticity, including if the subject, sender, recipient, mail body & attachment file names match the original. If already encrypted, received ChkSender logo can be clicked to decrypt and view the original email details. In case of sender's email address being tampered with, the difference with the original sent-email is clearly shown, duly preventing falling victim to hackers. In addition, sender’s domain information such as domain registration information, domain website screenshot, etc., are displayed assuring the receiver of the sender's origin. User may then add relevant sender's email address or domain name into personal whitelist/blacklist, used for easy future identification.

White paper


    [Blockchain Witness Enterprise Edtion] A case study based on Davinci Law Firm, specializing in personal data issues. The firm used to struggle with management of large volumes of complex documents and the arising security issues. After adopting Blockchain Witness platform, the firm saw an 18-fold improvement in efficiency, while their operational time went down from over 20 hours to around 10 minutes.



Blockchain/ Email Security / Anti-Spoofing / 
Messaging Security / Email Encryption / Evidence Preservation / Data Leak Protection / Secure File Sharing

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Messaging Security