Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

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About the Exhibitor

TrustView is a Taiwanese information security company with its self-developed software and focuses on the field of information leak protection. 

Since founded in 2000, we have gained trust from hundreds of clients in Taiwan, Japan and China. TrustView is the first choice for more than 40% of the top 100 companies in Taiwan.

We work hard on technology related to DRM/Area DLP/CASB information security and has almost 22 patents in these fields. The information security is extended to desktops, mobile devices, file servers and storage media on the cloud, helping businesses manage internal/external confidential files, graphics, source codes, personal information and web pages. TrustView is the best partner of our customers in digital intellectual property security.


Data Leak Protection

TrustView Full-Scale Data Protection Solution

We adopt the exclusive patented technology of DRM/Area DLP/CASB to provide a full-scale data protection solution for endpoint, file server, web application and cloud environment. This helps directly protect a variety of important files, pictures, web content and source coded. The most brilliant part of the TrustView solution is the three-tier file protection design. The company can introduce a solution on its own to meet its special requirements and create most suitable data security for the operation.

White paper

  • IDP (Individual Document Protection)

    ■ Protect PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint files commonly used by enterprises.

    ■ AES 256bit and RSA 2048 bit encryption protection.

    ■ Use enterprise-level DRM permission technology to read, print, save, write, screenshot, effective time.

  • VDP (Virtual Disk Protection)

    ■ Internally, the scope of protection spans independently developed application programs such as R&D CAD picture files, source code, and webpage contents.

    ■ Externally, the data located within the secure isolation area are immune to the attack of ransomwares, ensuring the usability of the data.

    ■ File and application program access control and management by using the secure isolation area as a basis.

    ■ Adopt the cutting-edge Area DLP virtual isolation technology to free itself from the constraints of file encryption.


  • ODP (Outgoing Document Protection)

    ■ Provides various formats for outgoing files. No matter where the files go, the protection function will ensure that the security features will follow them.

    ■ Rich and diverse choice for use environment, providing 4 use modes – installed version, portable version, online mode, and offline mode.

    ■ Implements access management and control for reading, printing, saving, and writing options by using ODP encrypted file which underwent encapsulation and encryption as the basis.

    ■ External DRM electronic document safe security provides online dynamic access configuration function, ensuring that outgoing documents can be recalled.



《Unique Broadcasting Inc.》Protection of Confidential Materials from Leaking

Confidential information leak brings about significant impact on the development of the companies around the world. In the age of information digitization, how a company can find a way to prevnet leakage of confidential information is testing the data control ability of the company.


1. IDP (Individual Document Protection)
IDP solves the internal circulation control problem and ensures prevention of data leakage. The applicable file formats include the commonly used Office and PDF.

2. VDP (Virtual Disk Protection)
The unique virtual disk isolation technology can satisfy the need to protect all kinds of documents in the company, especially the R&D design file of   special format or the program file that can be damaged during encryption.

3. ODP (Outgoing Document Protection)
ODP enables the company to keep controlling outgoing documents. In addition to controlling the rights of external users, ODP allows all the operation records to be returned to the company. With the ODP, TrustView provides a total solution to control the documents wherever they were delivered.

Product Type

Data Leak Protection