Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

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CYBAVO we are a group cyber security experts making crypto-currency wallet secure and usable for daily business operations.
CYBAVO's mission is to provide blockchain, business-ready applications to our institutional customers. Our solutions help our customers to manage their digital assets and to protect them with the most robust security technologies.
CYBAVO VAULT, our flagship product, is a secure cryptocurrency vault and wallet manager for corporate accounts. Just like own-ing a corporate bank at your office.
CYBAVO line of products is complemented by a Mobile Wallet App SDK and a Full Node Ledger Service.
Our institutional customers are cryptocurrency exchanges, custodians, fund managers ICOs,DApp developers or payment gateways.
Our growing team is composed by expert developers and researchers with solid experience in the security and cryptocurrency fields. CYBAVO has offices in Singapore and Taipei.
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CYBAVO VAULT is a cryptocurrency storage and wallet management system designed to fulfill business accounts requirements, providing at the same time a top notch protection level to secure your digital assets. Our digital wallet manager and vault provides business owners and digital asset managers the ideal tool to manage multi-currency wallets, and to perform streamlined blockchain transactions in a secure way

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CYBAVO Wallet App SDK allows your company to easily develop your own mobile cryptocurrency wallet to offer to your customers, secured with CYBAVO private key protection technology

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Digital Asset Exchanges and other crypto companies require the best security to protect their customers cryptocurrency wallets without compromising in control flexibility and scalability. CYBAVO VAULT SOFA is a One-stop exchange solution for cryptocurrency exchanges and other companies working with digital assets. As a mass wallet management platform it is designed to integrate their end users’ wallets with the secure digital asset storage provided by CYBAVO VAULT.

AuthSec Description

AuthSec Description

Passwords have become an obsolete authentication mechanism. Their limited security together with a lack of accountability and a high maintenance cost are not fit for current security challenges. 

AuthSec allows companies to implement secure passwordless authentication to provide a safer approach to authentication, while adding further risk control and accountability for the service provider. 

AuthSec enables Mobile as Identity for service providers, bind the users’ identity to their mobile device for a higher risk control and accountability, for a single or multiple services. By changing a password-based authentication by robust mechanisms like PushAuth or One-Time Password Authentication, AuthSec removes the risk of password reuse and account impersonation.

AuthSec also offers a smart risk assessment system that evaluates users’ mobile and environmental information to determine if an authentication request is safe, protecting the company from fraudulent logins.


    Enterprise Digital Currency Risk Control & Scheduling Solution - CYBAVO VAULT


    CYBAVO offers a secure, worry-free private key protection and backup mechanism, eliminating the need of asking wallet users to store a mnemonic sheet for private key recovery. This fact allows service providers using our solutions to speed up user onboarding up to 10 times faster than all existing solutions.

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