Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

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SWT Solutions Inc.

About the Exhibitor

SWT Solutions is focused on Big Data, AI, Data Analytics, and Digital Forensics solutions. Through its research and product development, and resales of leading products. It serves customers from financial institutions, law enforcement,  governmental agencies, health care industry, and enterprise clients..

SWT Solutions offers products and solutions in Big Data and AI fields with years of experience and technology know-how. It also provides Digital Intelligence services ranging from consultation services, education and training, enterprise investigation services, digital forensics services, and product resales and after-sale services.


Sol-DISC Integrated Digital Intelligence Platform

"One-Stop-Shop" platform for digital Investigation that allows you to discover unexpected personal connections, similarity  between individual cases, and correlations among seemingly unrelated individuals and cases.

Big Data hidden in overwhelming numbers of devices will need not just one but many tools for discovery and analysis. In order to uncover evidence, acquire critical information, or investigate inside an organization, a "Toolbox" approach with multiple digital forensics tools is essential. However, this approach inadvertently presents a challenge: How do you examine different reports from a variety of forensics tools at the same time? How do you discover insights and correlations out of the mass amount of data?

Sol-DISC Integrated Digital Intelligence Platform

Enter Sol-DISC.

Sol-DISC was created by SWT Solutions to solve this challenge. It integrates multiple forensics reports on one platform for review and analysis. Information is structured into case management and POI management categories for cross examinations among individuals and cases in order for actionable insight discovery.


    Digital Intelligence Service Center

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    Digital Intelligence Education and Training

    • Entry Level - Judicial Digital Evidence Review Courses
    • Advanced Level - Judicial Digital Evidence Interpretation Courses

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