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Super C Touch successfully developed the “Magic Folder” in June, and started to provide the data security solution to the industry. The “Magic Folder” uses the national security level of fingerprint sensor and chip hardware encryption, as well as OS low-level operation, and adopts “write to encrypt, read to decrypt design concept. In the current pandemic situation, remote office users need this kind of product to protect corporate information and prevent them from being stolen. Super C Touch, owns more than 300 patents worldwide and a strong ic design team had developed the first mass-production TFT capacitive type of fingerprint sensor module successfully last year. Now SuperC-touch is working on a full-screen fingerprints solution on the mobile phone, which believed would be another milestone expected.


Magic Folder

Magic Folder is a fingerprint-authenticated encryption dongle for the confidential files. It is secure, easy-to-use, reliable. The fingerprint sensor module of Magic Folder, SCT-S10C, had been proved by FBI PIV. The capture area is designed to meet FAP10 specification, which can acquire a full fingerprint image at one touch.
        In addition, Magic Folder uses AES-256 chip encryption technology. Not only is it fast in encryption and decryption, but it also keeps your important data secure from hacker attacks. The security is up to national defense level. Magic Folder simplified the user-interface operations and is very intuitive. Administrators can authorize other people to enroll their fingerprints for team usage. Because the encrypted data cannot be encrypted by other Magic Folders with different gold keys, it can prevent the entire company data from theft, and it is safe to transmit encrypted data in cloud. Furthermore, Magic Folder provides the password management function.
        Magic Folder provides the comprehensive technology, helping individuals, teams, enterprises, organizations to build a more secure, reliable, cost-effective, efficient and easy-to-use information security protection net.


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