Due to the outbreak of the coronavirus, CYBERSEC 2020 will be rescheduled to August 12 (Wednesday) to August 14 (Friday), 2020. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and your consideration will be much appreciated. CYBERSEC 2020 will continue open for registration. New updates regarding the event will also continue to be posted on the official website.


Aug 12 - 14

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2




Over the past five years, CYBERSEC has been continuously connecting various sectors in Taiwan with the global community to confront cybersecurity issues and challenges facing the entire world. Participants from all over the world have been coming to join the conference to add to the dialogue and exchange. We believe that such unity comes from the recognition and determination to pursue “the common good.”
Cyberattacks have become a norm, and attacks from hackers have no regard for borders. We must now acknowledge that today's anomalies will soon become tomorrow's common occurrence. There is no silver bullet or panacea in the fight against cybersecurity threats – there is only rolling up our sleeves to work together and face the crisis square on. Each day is a time to focus on implementing network security even as we enjoy the conveniences of life reliant on technology. We are working together to achieve the goal of “Continuous Improvement, Comprehensive Enhancement” and creating a safer and more secure future.

Come join us in an exchange of technology and knowledge to achieve consensus and growth

CYBERSEC invites renowned local and global cybersecurity technical experts every year, as well as inconspicuous white hat hackers around us, to share techniques and strategies. Moreover, the IT personnel, cybersecurity personnel, information officers, cybersecurity managers, interested partners from the government, research, industry, academia, legal and public sectors as well as enterprise users, etc are invited to CYBERSEC. All professionals are welcome to CYBERSEC to share techniques and knowledge with us to achieve consensus and growth.






3,000 +


8,000 +


250 +


200 +


The fastest growing cybersecurity conference in the Asia Pacific region

Located at the Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2, CYBERSEC EXPO will be exhibiting over 250 vendors from around the world along with renowned cybersecurity brands of Taiwan. You may browse thousands of the latest cybersecurity products and services at one time. There will be one-on-one functional demonstrations and interactions on-site to help you quickly and effectively conduct purchasing assessments.


You must not be missed!

Taiwan's largest and most influential cybersecurity conference

Asia region's fastest growing cybersecurity conference

Technical sessions, thematic forums, practical experiences and offensive-defensive drills - all in one place!

From techniques to strategies, from the latest trend to daily operations

Industry, government, academia and research sector experts all together in one place to explore cybersecurity strategies

Witness cybersecurity offensive and defense drills in action, and enhance protection capability and deciphering ability

Together, we work towards the goal of “Continuous Improvement, Comprehensive Enhancement”, creating a more secure future for all.

Exhibitor Brands

Over 250 vendors from around the world along with renowned cybersecurity brands of Taiwan, including thousands of the latest cybersecurity products and services