Aug 11 - 12

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

Resilience Matters

Cyber Trend

Speaker Interview

Jason Yang

NTT Taiwan Solutions Ltd. Senior Client Manager

In 2020, NTT sees below 5 key trends in Cybersecurity.
1. Zero Trust: Zero trust is maturing into digital trust
2.Cloud: Organisations are focusing on cloud-based security platforms
3. Secure by Design: Organisations now aim to be secure by design
4. Intelligence: Cybersecurity is becoming intelligence-driven
5. Compliance: Tighter regulation is affecting risk profiles


Francis Li

DXC Technology Security Consulting Integration & Compliance

1. The CISO role becomes required across industries. The challenge for a CISO is not only structuring a team but also making it service-oriented to help business deploy the services in a secured way.
2. The skills gap widens, making it increasingly difficult to find, hire and retain security professionals. Uplifting the skills and capabilities of the team and working with trusted partners are the top priority. In addition, automation in cybersecurity architecture not only eases the skills gap, but also improves the cybersecurity maturity. Visibility, actionable threat intelligence and SOAR are the trends in security architecture.
3. Employ 'Breach and attack simulation' resources to prove the benefits of your investment and find the blind spot of your organization. Red team exercise or automated simulation practice are good approaches.


Nakakomi Go

HENNGE Taiwan Managing Director

In the three years since HENNGE came to Taiwan, we have been searching for information about cloud and security from customers and the internet. With the growth of the cloud market in Taiwan, the need for security is also increasing. And this is what we want to share in CyberSec 2020.


Nick Chen

A10 Networks SE Manager

Cyber attacks are indeed the new normal. Each year brings new security threats, data breaches and operational challenges.
In addition to the malware hidden in encrypted traffic becoming a big blind spot for corporate security, a large number of connected devices may cause large-scale DDoS attacks.In the digital transformation of enterprises, across multi-cloud environments application security is a challenge, unpredictable security breach in 5G networks will also threaten service availability.
2020 won’t be any different, particularly with the transformation to 5G mobile networks and the dramatic rise in IoT, by both consumers and businesses. The potential for massive and widespread cyber threats expands exponentially, ensuing that businesses, governments and consumers have to always be on their toes.


Tin Hsieh

Digicentre Company Limited. Security Engineering

Facing faster communication attacks and more immediate cyber attacks