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Simpro 立寶科技

立寶科技股份有限公司(Simpro Technology Inc.)成立於 2007 年,團隊同仁在網路系統整合、網路安全專業經驗的累積都有 10~20 年以上,對於安裝、維運以及顧問的工作都是經驗豐富。目前公司主要專注於網路安全相關的市場,提供建置與專業的資訊安全服務。
主要客戶為,政府機關、銀行與保險業、大專院校、醫院、電信企業、製造業,公共事業等市場。歡迎SI, 系統整合商合作。
代理的資安產品有 Array、Fidelis、OWL、Wheel 等知名品牌,同時也是 Fortinet、Kaspersky、NetAxle、與 AVTECH 等資安大廠的優質經銷夥伴,技術能力與專案經驗深獲原廠肯定,提供完整的網路安全服務。
2015 年開始立寶引進在美國軍方、FBI 與聯邦各級政府優先使用的最先進 APT(進階威脅防禦)產品 Fidelis,團隊具備銷售與技術支援等服務,與其他 SI 夥伴共同合作推廣市場,亦能讓台灣的政府機關與企業用戶得到最好的資訊安全保護。
2018 年引進最先進的實體隔離設備 OWL 的單向傳輸系統,可確實保護安全區的設備安全,防止勒索軟體及 APT 駭客攻擊在安全區網路發生。是內/外網隔離及 OT/IT 的最佳防禦產品。
Simpro 以『專業』、『服務』、『品質』做為對客戶的標準原則,無論是對政府機關、公營事業、民營企業等客戶,都能提供完善的系統整合服務、網路安全防禦、特權連線管理稽核、資料庫稽核防護、監視系統安全防護等相關優質的解決方案。



Data diodes are hardware based, bound by the laws of physics and not susceptible to zero day vulnerabilities or any other hacks. These solutions are data and network agnostic, have been deployed across a range of industries and are recommended by the Department of Homeland Security. 
Being data agnostic we can move files, streaming video, TCP/IP, UDP, database records, historians, sensor data, high-res images, system backups, personnel records and many other types of data; along with industrial protocols like Modbus and OPC.  And our network independence lets us work on unclassified, secret and top secret networks for government solutions and IT and OT (Operations Technology) networks for our commercial and industrial customers.

We offer all-in-one solutions with a standard 19” 1U rackmount form factor and a DIN rail form factor for industrial environments.  We also offer server based solutions that utilize off-the-shelf servers populated with our data diode cards.

Designed to be scalable, new software licenses and modules allow end-users to increase bandwidth, add-on new interfaces, and support new protocols.

Privilege Management


When you need to know and control everything within your organization. When you need to intervene at a moment’s notice- that’s when Fudo PAM’s proactive monitoring gives you the power to detect and terminate any suspicious activity.

  • APT防護
  • 威脅情資解決方案
  • 實體隔離解決方案
  • 特權連線管理監控方案
  • SSLi加解密解決方案


    ICS/SCADAPrivilege Management