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臺北國際會議中心 & 世貿一館 2 樓


JSLead 漢領國際

漢領國際專事代理全球領導級與技術創新之各類解決方案,協助台灣各產業大幅提昇資訊安全之餘兼顧 TCO 與 CP 值。有鑑於洞悉各產業對於資訊安全之應用需求迫切攀升, 2010 年即積極引進一系列國際級資安解決方案,深受國內客戶推崇: ObserveIT 視覺化內部威脅暨資料外洩防護解決方案、 LogRhythm 智慧型資安情資數據即時分析解決方案、 Ericom Shield 網站檔案虛擬隔離淨化解決方案、以及 Thycotic 特權帳號管理解決方案等,各項國際頂尖且功能卓越之解決方案近年來均頻頻榮獲國際大獎且全球市場名列前茅。漢領國際成功建立電信、金融、科技、服務各產業以及政府眾多成功案例,備受客戶肯定與青睞。

Insider ThreatData Loss PreventionBehavioral Analytics


ObserveIT 智慧型視覺化內部威脅暨資料外洩防護解決方案

Threat IntelligenceArtificial IntelligenceThreat Hunting


LogRhythm 智慧型資安情資數據即時分析平台

Privilege ManagementAuthenticationPassword Management


Thycotic 特權帳號管理解決方案

Web SecurityRansomwareZero-day Vulnerability

Ericom Shield

Ericom Shield 網站檔案虛擬隔離淨化解決方案

ObserveIT 智慧型視覺化內部威脅暨資料外洩防護解決方案
LogRhythm 智慧型資安情資數據即時分析平台
Thycotic 特權帳號管理解決方案
Ericom Shield 網站檔案虛擬隔離淨化解決方案
Ericom Connect 雲端虛擬運算整合解決方案
NComputing VDI 虛擬桌面解決方案
Lepide 變更管理監控稽核軟體
secRMM USB 偵測監控稽核軟體
EZManage SQL / Qure Optimizer 資料庫優化解決方案

  • Building a Strategy for the Post-DLP World

     A whopping three million electronic records are stolen every single day. Data loss is a big problem, and has been ever since the dawn of the internet. The magnitude of the problem increases every day, as unstructured data grows—currently at a rate of 62% per year. Additional complexities related to data protection arise when organizations need to comply with standards like the new EU GDPR, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and industry-specific standards like HIPAA.

  • 2018 Cybersecurity: Perceptions & Practices - A Benchmark Survey of Security Professionals in the U.S., U.K., and Asia-Pacific Regions

    We established a wide perception of information security programs and initiatives among our surveyed IT decision makers. Our survey includes confidence levels in decision makers’ ability to detect and respond to threats, their preferred security technologies, and some of the biggest challenges to a successful security program.

  • The Top 5 Privileged Account Security Reports CISOs Live for

    Hackers today are targeting your privileged account credentials for good reason. Once they gain access, they can advance from an initial breach, escalating their privileges and moving through your network to identify and compromise confidential information. Hijacking the privileged credentials of an authorized user, an attacker can easily blend in with legitimate traffic and be extremely difficult to detect.

  • Choosing the best enterprise malware protection For your business

    Many security breaches are the result of malware. Hence, effective enterprise anti-malware solutions are an obvious first step to securing your business against attack. Choosing the best enterprise anti malware protection from the plethora of options available may seem like a daunting task – but it doesn’t have to be difficult.

Tell a better security story with ObserveIT

ObserveIT’s insider threat management solution arms security teams with the ability to detect insider threats, streamline the incident investigation process, maintain regulatory compliance, and prevent data loss, in one easy-to-use interface.

Optimize the Efficiency of your SOC with Built-In Playbooks | LogRhythm Demo

Your team is overwhelmed. And you’re worried that potential security events are being overlooked or mishandled — meaning a breach could be imminent. With LogRhythm, you can enhance analyst incident response capabilities and improve the efficiency of your SOC, effectively maximizing available resources.

Thycotic’s Privileged Access Management Tools for IT Security and IT Ops

Thycotic, a global leader in cybersecurity, is the fastest growing provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions. Thycotic enables you to minimize privileged credential risk, limit user privileges, and control applications on endpoints and servers. Thycotic’s award-winning PAM solutions simplify and improve cybersecurity, reduce costs, enhance productivity, and help achieve compliance for more than 7500 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies. Thycotic was founded in 1996 with corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C. and global offices in the U.K. and Australia.

Ericom Shield Remote Browser Isolation - Demo Video

Ericom Shield® is an innovative solution that isolates all web content from endpoints and networks while enabling users to browse the websites that they need with no interference.


Insider ThreatData Loss PreventionBehavioral AnalyticsThreat IntelligenceArtificial IntelligenceThreat HuntingPrivilege ManagementAuthenticationPassword ManagementWeb SecurityRansomwareZero-day Vulnerability