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Secure Digital Transformation

In an age where technological advancements are continuously redefining what is normal, we have all become participants in an iterative journey of transformation.
In the future, tens of thousands of low Earth orbit satellites will orbit the Earth, creating a high-speed global information network. Unmanned vehicles will operate autonomously above the Earth in space, interweaving a highly efficient transportation network. Moreover, people will be able to traverse the world between the real and virtual in the blink of an eye.
Propelled by digital transformation, the physical world is gradually being merged with cyberspace, and the running of everything in life now requires IC chips, program codes, and the Internet. As a result, instead of simple information security, cybersecurity has become an urgent issue relevant to the safety and security of individuals, nations, and the world as a whole.
As digital transformation is well underway across the globe, new cybersecurity threats are also arriving in droves. Vital to the future of national, industry, and enterprise digital transformation, now is the time to initiate changes and upgrade overall cybersecurity defenses, including enhancing governance, promoting awareness, creating advanced defenses, strengthening resilience, upgrading the industry, cultivating talents, and fortifying the supply chain. We would like to cordially invite everyone to CYBERSEC 2022 in Taiwan to come brainstorm and plan a digital future that is safe and secure.
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