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CYBERSEC 2022 COVID-19 Event Protocols

To ensure the health and safety of conference guests, exhibitors, staff, and all relevant participants, CYBERSEC 2022 will comply with Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC)'s latest update and modify our event protocols accordingly, which will also be updated on our official website.

Guests entering the CYBERSEC 2022 conference venue are required to follow the measures below:

  1. Please cooperate as our staff takes your temperature. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5℃ or above will be denied entry.

  2. Please wear your mask when entering the venue and the conference room(s). No mask, no entry.

  3. During the conference, if it is necessary to take a drink of water for hydration, please put on a mask immediately afterwards and do avoid moving while leaving mask on face.

  4. Please maintain a safe distance and sanitize/wash your hands regularly.

The following measures will be implemented prior to and during the event:

Prior to the event:

  1. Before the conference, a “health record book” will be created, listing all the staff, exhibitors, lecturers, contractors, and relevant support personnel, who are required to have received doses of COVID-19 vaccine. One day before entering the venue, please provide a home-rapid-screening test or a PCR test with negative test results within the last three days.

  2. Diverse promotion channels: The event will utilize its official website, newsletters, social media and other channels to promote COVID-19 event protocols to the participating vendors, event staff and attendees.

  3. Guidance on the facilities and promotional material: Temperature checks, hand sanitizer and health promotion (reminder to wear masks) will be at the main entrances of the event. The event's promotional literature (event map, guides, etc.) will label the routes to the exits clearly as well as the locations of the information desks and medical rooms to assist the participating vendors, staff members and the attendees.

  4. Emergency response measures and staff training: The organizer has established an epidemic prevention team and standard operating procedures. The organizer has also arranged training regarding emergency responses to ensure that all staff is fully aware of the epidemic prevention measures and standard operating procedures.

  5. Venue sanitation: The entire area of the event will be cleaned and sanitized comprehensively the day before the event.

During the event:

  1. Temperature checks and entry restrictions that infrared thermal imaging cameras or infrared thermometers will be deployed at the main entrances to monitor body temperatures. Anyone with a temperature of 37.5℃ or above will be denied entry to the venue.

  2. Encourage handwashing: All main entrances/exits, hallways and conference rooms will have hand sanitizer available and bathrooms will have hand soap or soap to help everyone keep their hands clean.

  3. Promote participants and enrollees download “Taiwan Social Distancing” application on mobile phone.

  4. Venue sanitation: During the event, areas with higher contact frequency (elevators, handrails, bathrooms, information desks, conference rooms, etc.) will be sanitized and cleaned more frequently. The air conditioning system will exchange air each day periodically to improve the air circulation. At the end of the event each day, the venue will be comprehensively cleaned and sanitized.

  5. At least one medical worker will be standing by during the event.