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Authme Co., Ltd.

Authme Co., Ltd.

Authme 數位身分

Authme Co., Ltd. Info

Booth Number:T06

Authme is one of the leading companies in identity verification industry, and a member of FIDO Alliance. Takeing advantage of its self-developed AI verification engine, Authme holds a number of international patents. In order to establish a one-stop eKYC solution, Authme combines OCR document verification and ID Fraud detection, NFC Data Reading, biometric authentication and liveness detection together, so that enterprises can detect identity fraud and deepfake attacks without a second.

Contact Representative

  • Name: Poe Lee Sales Account Management Specialist
  • TEL: (02)2775-2800#666
  • E-Mail:


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Authme|Guardian of Digital Identity

Authme's eKYC solution enables you to reduce operational costs, defend against identity fraud, while simplify onboarding process to significantly enhance users' experience and operational efficiency.