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Wheel Systems

Wheel Systems

Wheel Systems

Wheel Systems Info

Booth Number:S33

Founded in 2004, Wheel systems is an innovative information security solution provider. Wheel specialize in privileged access management, user authentication and SSL/TLS encrypted traffic inspection and Wheel and its partners have served more than 200 customers, currently. Wheel is the first to apply monitoring and collaboration to privileged management systems and the de-encryption product is also the only SSL/TLS encrypted traffic inspection product in Europe. Wheel's products combine strong security with a user friendly interface which ensures seamless deployment and convenient maintenance.

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  • Name: Simpro Technology Steven
  • TEL: +886-2-87860988



When you need to know and control everything within your organization. When you need to intervene at a moment’s notice- that’s when Fudo PAM’s proactive monitoring gives you the power to detect and terminate any suspicious activity.

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