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Cubro Network Info

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Cubro is an independent provider of tools developed for intelligent network visibility solutions that monitor, manage and deliver end-to-end visibility. We reliably handle network traffic from 100 Mbit to 400 Gbit, including OSI layer 1 to layer 7. We support data center virtualization, security, monitoring, and lawful interception applications.


Gain end-to-end visibility up to layer 4 with Cubro’s Packetmaster (network packet broker). Cubro’s reliable Packetmasters future-proof companies investments in security and monitoring tools.

Network Packet Brokers (NPBs) are the middleman that guarantees that monitoring and security appliances have a comprehensive view of network traffic and that those tools are operating at peak efficiency. Cubro NPBs incorporate features like traffic aggregation, traffic replication, filtering, load-balancing, header-modification and more. More advanced network packet brokers also support Deep packet inspection (DPI) which is an advanced monitoring technique and a useful application for telcos.

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Cubro EXA48200
Cubro EXA48200

Advanced Packetmaster EXA48200 Key Features

• Up to 48 x 1/10 Gbps (SFP/ SFP+) and 2 x 40/100 Gbps (QSFP/ QSFP28) ports

• Aggregation, Filtering and Load-Balancing

• Tunnel removal and inside tunnel filtering

• Deduplication, Regex filtering, Data masking and Packet Slicing

• Netflow generation

• Flexible port licensing model (12, 24, 36 or 48 ports enabled)

• Open for 3rd party transceivers

Network Analysis & Forensics
Cubro OMNIA10/20/120
Cubro OMNIA10/20/120

PacketMaster Key Features

• ACL filtering inline

• Session-Aware Load Balancing

• GRE encapsulation

• ERSPAN termination

• VLAN and VXLAN termination

• GRE and VXLAN endpoint

• Tunnel header removal

• Timestamping

• Packet Slicing

• VLAN append/modify/strip (Q in Q support)

• MAC modification

• Custom Offset Header Stripping

SessionMaster Key Features

• ACL Keyword filtering

• SIP and RTP correlation

• Tunnel header removal

• Data masking

• TCP Reordering and Packet Fragment Reassembling

• Deduplication inline or on a SPAN port

• Deduplication passive after an optical TAP

• Netflow Generation

• Metadata exporter: Netflow / Netflow - DPI / DPI

• VXLAN VNI / inner IP / inner port filtering

AppMaster Key Features

• Rolling packet capture

• Cubro DPI analytics

• NTOPng by ntop


Network Analysis & Forensics
Cubro EX2
Cubro EX2

EX2 Network Packet Broke Key Features:

• Traffic aggregation + replication

• L2 - L4 traffic filtering

• L2 - 4 header modification

• VLAN add/remove/modify

• Session-aware load balancing

• GRE tunnel endpoint

• Sflow

• Supports IPV4 and IPV6

• Non-blocking backplane

• TX and RX of SFPs operate independently

• Web GUI



Network Analysis & Forensics
Cubro EXA32100A
Cubro EXA32100A

EXA32100A Key Features:

• Filters and load-balances traffic from 10, 25, 40 or 100 Gbps links to multiple monitoring tools

• Aggregates multiple 10 Gbps links to 25, 40, or 100 Gbps monitoring tools

• 32 x 40/100 Gbps (QSFP/QSFP28)

• QSFP28 ports support breakout to 4 x 10/25G

• Supports data burst buffering

• Packet slicing support (any configurable packet size)

• IPv6 support

• Tunnel header stripping

• No additional port licensing fees or software feature licensing. All features and applications included in the unit price.

Network Analysis & Forensics



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