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Panorays is a rapidly growing provider of third-party security risk management software, offered as a SaaS-based platform. The company serves enterprise and mid-market customers primarily in North America, the UK and the EU, and has been adopted by leading banking, insurance, financial services and healthcare organizations, among others. Headquartered in New York and Israel, with offices around the world, Panorays is funded by numerous international investors, including Aleph VC, Oak HC/FT, Greenfield Partners, BlueRed Partners (Singapore), StepStone Group, Moneta VC, Imperva Co-Founder Amichai Shulman and former CEO of Palo Alto Networks Lane Bess. Visit us at

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Panorays offers an automated, comprehensive and easy-to-use third-party security platform that manages the whole process from inherent to residual risk, remediation and ongoing monitoring. Unlike other solution providers, Panorays combines automated, dynamic security questionnaires with external attack surface assessments and business context to provide organizations with a rapid, accurate view of supplier cyber risk. It is the only such platform that automates, accelerates and scales customers’ third-party security evaluation and management process, enabling easy collaboration and communication between companies and suppliers, resulting in efficient and effective risk remediation in alignment with a company’s security policies and risk appetite.

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Panorays Solution

The global standard in transforming third-party security risk management to build trust and accelerate business. Panorays is the only solution that gives customers and their suppliers everything they need to collaborate, reduce risk and securely do business together.

White Papers

The CISO's Guide to Third-Party Security Management
The CISO's Guide to Third-Party Security Management

Managing your vendors’ security is crucial, but security assessments are riddled with problems. Lengthy security questionnaires listing irrelevant questions are a waste of their time and your time. Manually managing the process is slow and laborious, especially when you have tens or hundreds of vendors. And questionnaires simply reflect a moment in time and can be outdated almost immediately. How can you build a process that is effective, efficient and scalable?

This guide explains how to identify risk, gain greater visibility into risk and easily remediate it so you can better manage your third-party security. We’ll show you exactly how to:

Gain an accurate picture of third-party security risk based on the impact on your business

Onboard suppliers quickly and ensure they align with your security policies

Enable quick communication with vendors to easily remediate risk



See How Panorays Reduces Vendor Security Assessments to Just 9 Days

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