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Cellopoint is a next-generation email security company that enables thousands of organizations worldwide to secure their email and mitigate risks. With people-focused and cloud-ready email solutions, Cellopoint helps cybersecurity professionals protect their users from advanced email threats, including phishing attacks, viruses, ransomware, Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams and spam. In addition, we help organizations to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and prevent data loss. Cellopoint protects environments of any size ranging from SMBs to large enterprises and service providers.

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SEG (Secure Email Gateway)
SEG (Secure Email Gateway)

Cellopoint Secure Email Gateway (SEG) is the most comprehensive email gateway, which is deployed in front of a mail server. It uses the state-of-the-art, multiple detection engines, machine learning technology and powerful threat intelligence to identify and block all email-borne threats ranging from annoying spam and viruses to sophisticated phishing, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) and zero-day exploits.

Secure Email Gateway
Email DLP and Email Encryption
Email DLP and Email Encryption

Cellopoint delivers a comprehensive email DLP solution, which combines DLP Audit (AUD) and Email Encryption (ENC). DLP Audit scans all outgoing emails with pre-defined DLP policies, and will trigger corresponding actions to protect personal information, business secrets and intellectual property from being leaked out. To prevent outgoing confidential data being intercepted, Cellopoint provides four types of email encryption, including HTTPs encryption, S/MIME encryption, PDF encryption and zip-file encryption. 

Data Loss Prevention
Cellopoint Email Archive
Cellopoint Email Archive

Cellopoint Mail Archive (MA) is an email archiving solution which is different from a simple email backup solution. A backup system merely stores email in the mailbox without tamper-resistance and search functions while the Cellopoint Email Archive retains email in an original, unaltered format with quick search and indexing functions. This helps your organization stay compliant, facilitate e-discovery, reduce storage and ensure business continuity and disaster recovery during daily business operations.

Backup and Recovery
Email User Awareness Training
Email User Awareness Training

Nowadays, hackers often take advantage of users' curiosity and negligence to launch attacks and steal useful information from individuals and organizations. Users may fall victim to these social engineering attacks or phishing campaigns easily. Cellopoint provides Email User Awareness Training to help your users fully understand the critical role they play in fighting security threats, and identify potential attacks they may encounter.

Security Awareness Training


Phishing Protect

Phishing email often contains malicious links, and it may direct users to enter sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, or banking details, at a fake website. With infected URLs or weaponized files, phishing email may lead to a drive-by-download attack, inadvertently implanting various strains of malware, such as ransomware, virus and trojan, and further destroying a victim’s system.  

Cellopoint provides Anti-APT-URL and Anti-APT-File detect phishing URLs and attachments. Anti-APT-URL scans all embedded URLs with our 125 types of URL threat intelligence. With an additional Time-of-Click (ToC) protection, Cellopoint rewrites unknown suspicious URLs and detects URLs in real-time when the user clicks on it. Anti-APT-Files provide dynamic sandbox analysis to detect malicious attachments with malware. With multi-phase detection, Cellopoint prevents users from malicious URLs and attachments that can trigger fraudulent, zero-day credential-phishing and other advanced persistent threats.

Ransomware Protect

Ransomware is typically spread through a few main avenues, but its favorite attack vector is email. It can be distributed through phishing emails containing infected attachments or malicious links which may induce drive-by-downloading. A successful ransomware attack can lead to a huge financial loss, service interruptions and/or loss of customer’s confidence in your organization.

Cellopoint Ransomware Protect includes Anti-APT-URL, Anti-APT-File and Email Archive. Anti-APT-URL provides three-phase URL detection, including pre-click inspection, ToC (Time of Click) scanning, URL rewriting and retroactive detection, to identify malicoius URLs. Anti-APT-File provides static code analysis and dynamic sandbox analysis to detect malicious attachments. Email Archive helps organizations prevent data loss and recover lost data quickly after attack.

BEC Protect

Business email compromise (BEC) is an intelligent email scam designed to deceive employees into wire-transferring payments or revealing confidential information by impersonating an internal employee, a high-level executive or an external business partner. In 2020, it cost U.S. organizations more than $ 1.8 billion, and has become the largest cause of cybersecurity-related financial losses according to the FBI.

Cellopoint provides Anti-BEC to prevent organizations from receiving BEC scams. Anti-BEC includes display name spoofing detection, DMARC check, lookalike domain detection, and anomaly detection with AI techniques.

Data Loss Prevention

Data loss originates with people. Careless users or malicious insiders may leak sensitive corporate information to the unauthorized recipient while attackers may hack into an internal employee’s account and use this legitimate account to disclose confidential data. Whether it is an insider or an outsider leaking your valuable information, your organization may be exposed to monetary loss, legal trouble and loss of customer trust.

To protect organizations from data loss effectively, Cellopoint delivers an integrated email DLP solution, which combines DLP Audit (AUD) and Email Encryption (ENC). DLP Audit scans all outgoing emails using predefined policies and offers flexible corresponding actions when a policy is triggered to prevent data loss in real time. Cellopoint provides four types of email encryption, including HTTPs encryption, S/MIME encryption, PDF encryption and zip-file encryption to prevent email from being read or intercepted by attackers.

Email Archiving

As email continues to serve as organizations’ primary tool of internal and external communication today, an effective email archiving solution is ever important for organizations especially when an user accidentally deletes or misplaces an important email, or when an employee retires or resigns..

With Cellopoint’s dynamically-scalable mail archiving solution, your emails are securely stored, tamper-resistant, and searchable. This helps you store business data securely, meet compliance and regulatory requirements, streamline e-discovery, and reduce storage and management costs while simplifying Email Lifecycle Management (ELM).

Email User Awareness Training

The vast majority of today’s cyberattacks start with people and rely on human interaction. Even with a robust security solution, sophisticated attackers can try to bypass it and wait for your users to take the bait. Ensure your users understand cyber hygiene and empower them to defend against the latest email threats by providing them with a comprehensive user awareness training.

Cellopoint’s people-focused user awareness training provides phish testing, user behavior analysis, an online training with an awareness assessment exam, and detailed reports for organizations to mitigate the risk of human error, prevent email attacks, and meet regulations.​

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Cellopoint specializes in email security, threat intelligence analytics, email archiving, email DLP and social engineering training.