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WebComm Technology

WebComm Technology


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WebComm provides digital transformation solutions with cloud services, smart data, and information security technology at the center, to help enterprises create secure, convenient, and brand-new digital technology services. Our clients range from the public sector, and the medical care, manufacturing to retail industries to help them achieve exponential growth. We have assisted many banks in moving towards digital financial services with innovative applications in line with forward-looking trends, which has won clients’ recognition and trust.

Our Visions:

• Demonstration of enterprises’ innovation capability with digital technology

• Driving enterprises’ digital transformation through modernization of IT

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WebComm FIDO Digital Identity Verification
WebComm FIDO Digital Identity Verification

As a sponsor member of the FIDO Alliance, WebComm provides the internationally certified and highly complete FIDO digital identity solution. Through biometric identification, users can log in quickly and securely. It is a secure and compliant password-less authentication service that is easy to set to prevent the risk of account and password theft effectively. With SSO (Single Sign On), it can provide enterprises with more complete double security protection.

6 Features of WebComm FIDO Digital Identity Verification:

- Idenity as a Service: for Hybrid Cloud and Various Demand Applications

- Security Compliance: FIDO Alliance Certified 

- Simple Settings and Visual Interface

- Platform Compatibility: Support IOS and Android System

- Diverse Applications: Device Binding, Login With QRCode

- FIDO Server Expansion According to Loading


WebComm OETH

WebComm OETH provides enterprises to easily implement passwordless verification services, improving the passwordless single sign-on experience!

With WebComm OETH identity authentication service, users can log in by scaning QR Code with mobile phones using biometric verification. WebComm OETH not only improves the user experience greatly, but also enhances the security of remote working.

4 Features of WebComm OETH identity authentication service:

- Information Security: International FIDO verification standard

- Low-cost Implementation: With on-demand payments, reducing the cost of maintenance and building

- Easy enablement: Easy and fast implementation

- Passwordless SSO: Passwordless login access to VPN, VDI, and various enterprise systems

Passwordless Authentication

Tech Demo

FIDO Passwordless Login Experience With OETH
  • 20th-22nd Sep., 2022

Experience the passwordless digital identity authentication in 3 steps:

Step 1. Scan the QR Code with your phone to download the OETH App

Step 2. Use OETH to scan the QR Code for quick registration

Step 3. After registration, use OETH to scan the QR Code on your computer to experience fast passwordless login.

* It is recommended to download the OETH App first to speed up the process!


FIDO / Digital Identity / Single Sign On / MFA / IDaaS

Under the wave of pandemic, information security problems have become more awared. The security problems of B2C(customers) and B2E(employees) serivces prvided by the entereprises have also quickly surfaced. A complete and secure authentication mechanism is required for the enterprises. WebComm FIDO Digital Identity Verification strengthen the services provided by the enterprise (B2C) and the login verification within the enterprise (B2E), increasing corporate security all-round.

White Papers


Best Solution For Passwordless Era - WebComm FIDO Digital Identity Verification

WebComm Technology provides both internationally certified and highly integrated FIDO digital identity solutions. UAF and FIDO2 have passed the FIDO alliance verification. It is the leading manufacturer of domestic FIDO identity solutions and will keep pace with the times and move towards no password.

Zero Trust Security: WebComm Digital Identity Verification for Remote Work

WebComm Digital Identity Verification solutions include FIDO passwordless login, one-time password, single sign-on for enterprises, and digital identity management which can reduce the risk of data leak.