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“The best defense is offense. “

ZUSO Generation is a local cyber security vendor that provide cyber security services of Red Team Assessment, Penetration Test, Consultant Service, Incident Response. ZUSO also has self-developed security operation platform “CyberEyes” to assist users to detect suspicious activities in real time and provide enterprises high-safety environments by recording entire log. 

“Understand what you demand”

ZUSO team possesses more than 10 years experiences of hacker attack and treat intelligence analyst. We provide customized cyber security solutions and our core technology base on MITRE ATT&CK® framework. Consequently our team provides compliant and comprehensive cyber security services for various industries with evaluating systematic standards and verifying degree of enterprises’ cyber security. 

“Compatible with various formats. Concern about cyber security visibility of enterprises.”

“CyberEyes” simplifies information technology (IT) staff’s operation procedure. Through proceeding cyber security and management, the platform combines recording log with centralizing management to satisfy enterprises. It owns customized dashboard that present the current situation of cyber security. IT staffs can set up track of cyber security incidents to identify threats quickly and access monitoring immediately by pushing prompt notifications. Also they can check up connections of devices to verify efficacy of cyber security facilities and equipment.

Contact Representative

  • Name: Minnie Lai Executive Assistant
  • TEL: +886-2-2758-0110
  • E-Mail:


Red Team
Red Team

Red Team Assessment follows the standardization, and use MITRE ATT&CK™ to notify the security level.The technology procedure comes from the real world, which classify the research in different market, and observe (TTP) procedure of data.It focuses on being able to actually experience to attack methods, and help you determine whether you’re existing security-defense mindset is capable of tackling these attacks.

Red Team
Penetration Testing
Penetration Testing

In the aspects of hackers, we attempt to invade a corporate's website and information system, from exterior to interior, in purpose of doxing the possibility of potential threats for issuance of complete report and advice of improvement.

Penetration Testing
Consultation Service
Consultation Service

The thinking pattern of a singular aspect is out in terms of information security and data analyses. Multiple perspectives ace! With sincerity, we provide you the panorama of circumnavigation-wide visions and assist your corporate in advancing to better prosperity.

Consultation Service
Cyber Security Incident
Cyber Security Incident

Cyber Attacks Anywhere Are a Threat Everywhere.Our team has a lot of experience in investigating security incidents, allowing companies to quickly understand the overall incident, All to help you get back to business as usual with confidence- quickly and efficiently.

Incident Response
CyberEyes Solution
NEW CyberEyes Solution

ZUSO has self-developed log Solution " CyberEyes " that is a solution to cyber security visibility . CyberEyes records entire log of cyber security incidents and provide centralized management function . It also can monitor web access and identify suspicious source in real time . Once detect the abnormality , CyberEyes will push notification via communication software immediately . For users getting the hand of it quickly , CyberEyes has customized dashboard , retrieval performance and supply edited weekly / monthly report to enterprises . The advantage of CyberEyes Solution it to assist enterprises improving visibility of cyber security and verify efficacy of cyber security facilities and equipment.

Security Information Event and Management


ZUSO Generation Solution
  • Red Team
  • Blue Team
  • Purple Team
  • Penetration Testing
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Business Logical Test
  • Consultation Service
  • Cyber Security Test
  • Real Time Trigger
  • Detect and Root Cause Analysis
  • In-depth Investigation
  • Alert from abnormal command execution in main server
  • Verify efficacy of cyber security facilities and equipment
  • Record entire log of cyber security incidents

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