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The global headquarters of Xiang Ao Communications was established in Los Angeles, USA in 2000. It has multiple international standard IDC around the world and has accumulated more than 20 years of professional experience in IDC operations.

NIMBUS is the brand name of Xiang Ao Communications. It is the brand concept of NIMBUS that is committed to creating one-stop cloud services for customers. We provide IDC, Global CDN, DDoS Mitigation, PVC, ICP License and other comprehensive solutions to assist Global customers strengthen their online competitiveness!

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Direct Connect - PVC
Direct Connect - PVC

The PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuits) solution combines multi-cloud integrated services and abundant dedicated line resources to create fast and convenient connections in the Asia-Pacific region and improve the dilemma of multi-site and long-distance work transmission. It provides multi-functional solutions for companies that want to expand into the world. The solution meets the complex network application needs of multinational development, and enjoys low-latency and high-quality PVC line services.  

DDoS Mitigation
DDoS Mitigation

Relying on the large-flow cleaning capability of the NIMBUS's DDoS Mitigation and the global cleaning center, the attack traffic is led to the near-source cleaning through multi-level cleaning technology, effectively blocking the network layer 3, 4, and 7 attacks, helping customers to establish efficient and stable Website platform.

DDoS Protection

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DDoS Mitigation Solution/All-round Cloud Solution

Nimbus mainly provides professional planning services of network security and cloud integration,and solving the protential crisis of network transmission for enterprises. With the post-epidemic era, network became more important than ever for enterprises. Nimbus is able to help with our 20 years experience of IDC operating and Autonomous System maintaining, coupled with our professional technical support team, to solve clients promblem as soon as possible.

【Comprehensive Cloud Solution - Enterprise Network PVC】

The demand for conference call and remote data access has greatly increased due to remote working. When enterprises open remote connections, it also increases the risk of data breach. Nimbus combines multi-cloud network transmission services and dedicated line resources, uses independent network bandwidth to solve the problem of congestion caused by shared networks, creates a fast and convenient dedicated line between China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, and improves the security of multi-site and long-distance data transmission for enterprises.

【DDoS Mitigation Solution】

The epidemic has increased the demand of network, and the scale and frequency of DDoS attacks have also increased rapidly.

Facing with various attack methods by hackers, enterprises should prepare in advance to ensure the website services would be steady under the attacks. Nimbus has a large bandwidth cleaning capability, could filter the traffic by multi-layer cleaning technology, which can effectively block L3/L4 and L7 attacks and help customers improve the steability of network.

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