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Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis

Allied Telesis

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Founded in 1987, we've been serving the needs of the network communications industry for over 30 years. Although the technology we design and build has evolved significantly over time, our hard-earned reputation for standards-based performance and product reliability has remained a constant, highly respected value to our customers and partners around the globe.



Total Networking Solutions
NEW Total Networking Solutions

The Allied Telesis Total Network Solution has six major facets that allow companies to accelerate their business and meet future needs with Allied Telesis.

  • Total Autonomous Networking

Automate your network management using a single intelligent tool to combine intelligence and security with easy management, while reducing risks and cost

  • Self-Defending Networks

Our smart edge security protects your wired and wireless network from internal threats, by automatically quarantining suspect devices. Relax and enjoy a self-defending network.

  • No Compromise Wi-Fi

Ensure reliable, high-performance Wi-Fi connections everywhere they are needed. Simplify purchasing and support. Lower operating costs. And so much more.

  • Industrial IoT

Manufacturers need real-time visibility into factory processes to maintain high levels of production efficiency. The latest in hyper-converged edge computing technology makes this possible.

  • Secure SD-WAN

Ensure your most important applications always use the best path. Simplify connections for reliable and secure application delivery.

  • IP Video Surveillance

Choose from a diverse portfolio of products, and a suite of features, that enhance the ability to securely and reliably transport security video footage across an IP network.

ICS/SCADA Security


AI automated threat analysis and response system/OT or industrial grade firewall/OT Information Security Defense/Next Generation Firewall /Security Incident Alignment/Automation and Response (SOAR)

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Total Networking Solutions
Total Networking Solutions



Networks are the lifeblood that organizations rely on to survive in modern business. Whether large or small, Allied Telesis understands the challenges organizations face. With over 30 years of industry experience, we can help you build the secure, reliable, high-performance network that your digital transformation journey requires.



Total Autonomous Networking

Total Autonomous Networking ensures business security and agility, with powerful automation and optimization features for wired and wireless devices across the LAN and WAN.