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Suncloud Technology Co., Ltd.

Suncloud Technology Co., Ltd.


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In addition to providing professional solutions such as network, storage, server, storage virtualization, and server virtualization, Suncloud Technology has also actively introduced the most popular information security solutions in recent years to provide customers with the most complete professional information and information security services. Suncloud Technology believes that only sustainable operation can provide customers with the best services, and only by continuously improving professional capabilities can strengthen the quality of services provided to customers, and can continue to create market value and competitive advantages for enterprises.

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Silverfort Unified Identity Protection Platform
Silverfort Unified Identity Protection Platform

Silverfort Unified Protection Platform empowers enterprises to implement a Zero Trust approach in the identity control plane to proactively prevent attacks that utilize compromised credentials to access targeted resources. Silverfort natively integrates with all IdPs in the environment to apply continuous monitoring, risk analysis and access policies enforcement on all authentication and access attempt, made by all users and service accounts to any on-prem or cloud resource, including ones that could never have been protected in this manner before.

Multi-Factor Authentication
Guardians for oracle - Performance Analysis and Diagnostic System
NEW Guardians for oracle - Performance Analysis and Diagnostic System

Guardians for oracle provides a diagnostic platform that is easy to execute and read. It will reduce the extra cost to manage and manipulate many of the application systems.

The advantage of Guardians for oracle:

  • Four primary advantages: real-time analysis, real-time diagnostic, real-time monitoring, and seldom consumption of system performance.

The exclusive technology of Guardians for oracle:

  • No object will be created in the monitored database to avoid possible effort and security concerns.
  • No database operations so as to deduce the complexity of database management.
  • When the monitored database is slow for some unknown reason, it can still collect data to help user to find the cause.
  • Collect the performance and statistical indicators in real-time.
  • The consumption of system resources is close to zero.

The ability of analysis and diagnostic of Guardians for oracle:

  • Guardians for oracle can clearify the unknown problems. It will be able to lock down the illegible point of the error.
  • For the possible existing performance issues, Guardians for oracle can reduce the extra cost by over 85% in investigating and resolving the performance problems.

The innovation and the core value of Guardians for oracle are to bring precise help to the customer:

  • Maximize the utilization of database systems to fit the effectiveness of the enterprise.
  • Guardians for oracle will handle the cumbersome management of the databases. Developers can more focus on their projects.


Silverfort Unified Identity Protection Platform

Silverfort’s platform monitors all human and machine access requests, across all systems and environments, continuously analyzing risk and trust levels in real-time, applying adaptive risk-based authentication policies and preventing unauthorized access to any sensitive asset.

White Papers

Silverfort MFA: Protect the Unprotectable – White Paper
Silverfort MFA: Protect the Unprotectable – White Paper

The Silverfort MFA solution represents a fundamentally different approach to identity protection, providing MFA coverage to all enterprise resources – including those previously considered unprotectable – without agents or proxies.



Why Are Identity-Based Attacks On the Rise?

Despite employing the latest protection methods, including MFA, identity-based attacks are on the rise. In fact, 80% of data breaches involve using compromised credentials. If securing identity and access to sensitive resources concerns you, attacks of these type pose a serious threat. What identity protection measures can be taken across hybrid networks?