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Ubiq's mission is to make encryption simple, removing the complexity of encryption for developers and security teams, enabling developers to easily and quickly integrate encryption directly into applications; saving developers time and eliminating downstream security costs, enabling organizations Ability to reduce risk and focus time and resources on growing the business.



Ubiq Security-Simple and fast application layer API encryption
Ubiq Security-Simple and fast application layer API encryption

Ubiq's API-based platform dramatically simplifies encryption complexity,with only 2 API calls and 3 lines of code, developers can integrate encryption into any application in minutes. The Ubiq platform saves developers time and improves overall application security by integrating encryption directly into applications.



UBIQ's exclusive application-layer encryption makes API a powerhouse for enterprise operations

Today, enterprises have popularized the development of APIs to connect systems, applications and services, and to promote digital transformation or create new businesses. Although the API is an open programming environment, as long as you follow the established rules, you can exchange and connect data and applications, but if you do not do a good job in security protection, it will also extend the problem of data leakage security.

The general encryption method is through storage encryption or transport layer encryption, but we all know that when the data is encrypted, there will be bottlenecks with extended problems, such as poor machine performance, resulting in reduced operating performance; Enterprises need to purchase additional equipment and increase operating costs. These are the bottlenecks encountered in the encryption process.

Ubiq Security: Simple and Fast API Application Layer Encryption

Baoyi Information Agency Ubiq Security's mission is to simplify encryption, let API become the help of enterprise operation, and will not cost or reduce efficiency due to encryption. Through application layer encryption, the encryption mechanism is directly integrated into each application, which eliminates the complexity of encryption for developers and security teams. In addition to saving developers time and improving overall application security, it is simple and fast, with 2 API Calls and 3 Line of code, developers can easily activate the encryption mechanism within minutes.

The seven steps of API encryption are as follows:

(1) User registers an account

(2) Log in to the UBIQ dashboard

(3) Register the application

(4) Retrieve a set of API keys

(5) Download user database

(6) Add three-stroke code to its app

(7) Start performing encryption and decryption

White Papers

Ubiq Security-Exclusive encryption technical information
Ubiq Security-Exclusive encryption technical information

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Ubiq Use Case : Integrating data encryption into 2 applications