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Digicentre Company Limited

Digicentre Company Limited


Digicentre Company Limited Info

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The mission of Digicentre is to take our more than 10 years of operational experience and use it to deliver premium IaaS and SaaS to digital content industry clients, allowing them to focus their resources more directly on providing great service to customers.

Digicentre started as the IT department of a major Taiwanese gaming company: Gamania. Seeing the unique gifts and experience that could be offered to clients, the team began to branch out their IDC, security and integration services from there. Today, Digicentre's ownership is shared by publicly listed shareholders, Gamania and MDS.




IDC- Certified with ISO 27001, Digicentre uses secure, high-performance, and cost effective infrastructure. 

With professional expert advice digicentre provide tailor-made solutions for customers’ operating demands.


Cloud - Highly integrated local and virtual services designed for large-scale computing, certified with ISO27001、ISO27017、ISO27018. 

Cooperate with global partners such as IBM SOFTLAYER、Alibaba Cloud、aws、Google Cloud、Microsoft and Azure, deliver a safe and immediate content delivery using a global network, distributed architecture slows down DDoS attacks

allow you to enjoy economic and affordable prices and reduce business cost burden. Digicentre provides compound CDN platform services , allowing customers to manage the CDN services of multiple world-renowned brands quickly and conveniently. 

Security Consulting

Security - Advanced threat protection strengthen your security with our experts' help. 

Our security experts are licensed with internationally recognized certifications. We provide code review, social engineering, 

vulnerability scan, penetration testing, cloud DDoS service and more.

Security Consulting
App Security
App Security

App Security - Protect developers from revenue loss, hackers tampering with in-game purchase systems, source code theft, fraud, or application credentials being compromised. Our monitoring system is designed for big data. We collect operational data and search out information on risks. 

There is no need to modify your source code, our service fully integrates.

Security Consulting


Information Security Diagnostics,Code Review, Social Engineering, Vulnerability Scan, Penetration Testing, Post-Penetration Testing, AI SOC, Incident Response, Cloud DDoS Service, Amazing Thor, appGuard, Smart Sensing
  • Information Security Diagnostics: We check internal operations and provide improvement suggestions to increase information security
  • Code Review:We use careful analysis of test reports to reduce security risks
  • Social Engineering:We use e-mail to test for security gaps so we can fix them
  • Vulnerability Scan:Our software finds ""known"" vulnerabilities and exploits
  • Penetration Testing:Penetration testing uses hacker's methods to find IT vulnerabilities
  • Post-Penetration Testing:We make sure protection mechanisms are working and regulations have been implemented. We check losses and risks after intrusions using hacker-style logic.
  • AI SOC:Intelligent allied incident forensics protection
  • Cloud DDoS Service:Our Cloud DDoS service mitigates global traffic floods
  • Amazing Thor:Our smart security office
  • IP detection:Our technology keeps meticulous records of IPs
  • appGuard: Premier anti-attack technologies
  • Smart Sensing:Dual platform security monitoring

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Digicentre started as an IT department from a large gaming company. The team spun off their IDC, security and integration services to provide their unique offering and experience to other companies. Digicentre is owned by publicly listed shareholders: Gamania and MDS.

Our mission is to take our more than 10 years of operations experience and deliver premium IaaS and SaaS to digital content industry clients, allowing them to focus their resources in their businesses’ core values.