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Your Problem, Our Mission. Jnsun Technology has always believed in it.

Jnsun focuses on network information security management services. Our team takes professional, innovation and integrated services as its core values. We start with SIEM solutions, since its establishment in February 2013. We have deeply understood that what customers really care about is what happens "inside" the enterprise. Therefore, The Jnsun bases in the north, central and southern in Taiwan, help a enterprises to checking about information security physique in time, look ahead to future trends, and plan optimal ""information security management"" and ""maintenance and operation integration solutions"" to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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Progress Flowmon
Progress Flowmon

Flowmon provides an integrated platform that visualizes network traffic and realizes the overall services required for network control. Two components: Flowmon Probe comprehensively monitors network traffic and never misses any information about network traffic; Flowmon Collectors is specially used for network statistics and collection, visual management, analysis and long-term storage of flow data.

The Flowmon expansion module can integrate the functions of Probe and Collector to realize advanced analysis of network traffic statistics, including:

- Flowmon ADS, Analysis of abnormal network behavior.

- Application service performance Flowmon APM, improve user experience and application service value.

- Flowmon Packet Investigator (FPI) is a network traffic auditing tool that automatically records and analyzes full packet data.

Network Analysis & Forensics
Progress Kemp
Progress Kemp

Kemp LoadMaster Scalable, High-Performance Application Delivery Controller

A LoadMaster that supports physical hardware/virtual machines, providing scalability, deep functionality (user authentication) and information security (WAF/IPS/DDoS) and zero-trust architecture services required for today's application services. Delivers outstanding load balancing and application experience for all types of application workloads for enterprise/organizations. Kemp LoadMaster easily manages application delivery via web UI, API, and Kemp 360 Central, with impressive TCO.

LoadMaster's subscription-based support provides flexibility and value to meet application delivery requirements and challenges. Can be upgraded and downgraded as application delivery needs change, simplifying selection of feature sets and support level. Offers up to 40% additional value compared to the stand alone selection feature.

Web Application Firewall



(1) Flowmon Probe function

-Rich traffic data

Flowmon analyzes packets and extracts the most useful information from the L2, L3-L4 and L7, even within encapsulated traffic. It is then converted into IPFIX records which will add expansion data in NetFlow. This allows network analysis to be scaled across the IT environment while retaining detailed information for troubleshooting and forensics.

-NetFlow/IPFIX export

Get 100% visibility into network traffic. NetFlow/IPFIX exporter allows you to extract detailed and real L2-L7 communication information. Unlimited scalability supports high network traffic and distributed location environments.

With Flowmon Probe, IT operation gain the following advantages:

-The most powerful NetFlow exporter in today, manage your network with a Flowmon Probe that records every data packet on a link up to 100 Gbps in time.

-Easy deployment and intuitive management. Intuitive device deployment, configuration and management allows users to have fully automated NetFlow Probes in minutes, without additional investment.

- Application layer (L7) monitoring. Use information from HTTP headers, DNS protocol information, VoIP statistics, and other information for more efficient IT operations.

-Fully compatible equipment saves investment. Flowmon Probe is fully compatible with other collector hardware and software that supports NetFlow/IPFIX export.

- Complete combination of virtual and hardware devices. Flowmon offers complete product portfolio, and NetFlow Probes can be applied to a variety of networks from 10Mbps to 100Gbps.

(2) Flowmon Collector

Flowmon Collector gives network and security administrators a deep understanding of what is happening on the network. Use its powerful features to fully control bandwidth usage, optimize network/application performance, quickly troubleshoot and protect your network.

Flowmon collector function

-Network history data

Collect the most relevant information in network packets. Flow data technology is 250~500 times more scalable than network packet analysis. Depending on the desired retention period, data can be provided in a structured and easy-to-understand format for network capacity planning, trend analysis or retrospective analysis.

-Distributed architecture and high availability

Scale up to monitor more elements, flows and locations without restrictions. More Flowmon units can simply be added to increase performance and storage capacity.

-Compatibility with standard Flow data

Can use existing infrastructure or can produce NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow or NetStream from network devices and other sources such as firewalls, virtualization platforms and packet brokers.

Optional licenses available:

-Flowmon ADS Anomaly Detection System

-Flowmon Packet Investigator

-Flowmon APM

For instructions on optional modules, please refer to -

Kemp LoadMaster

All the load balancing features for your needs

Kemp load balancers provide a complete high-performance application delivery solution including SSL offloading, content switching, URL rewriting and compression in a secure and highly available platform that is easy to deploy and manage.

Protect your application

Additional protection with user pre-authentication, zero-trust access gateways, web application firewall (WAF), and single sign-on (SSO).

Multisite Load Balancing

Manage traffic for disaster recovery, hybrid cloud, and multi-site environments with GSLB (Global Server Load Balancing).

Network Telemetry

Capture all network traffic flowing into LoadMaster and key insights into network communications with proxy applications, containers and services..

Easily deploy any application

Dramatically simplify L4/L7 load balancing deployments using pre-defined application templates that are easy to configure and manage.

Flexible Licensing

A Virtual LoadMaster can be licensed on a perpetual or subscription basis per virtual instance, or licensed based on usage across multiple Virtual LoadMaster instances. Metered licenses provide flexibility to deploy and decommission on-demand load balancing resources, greatly simplifying DevOps environments and application scaling.

easy to manage

Regardless of where the Virtual LoadMaster is deployed, a consistent management interface can be presented through the web UI, API, and Kemp 360 Central. Kemp 360 Central provides cross-platform configuration and load balancer resource monitoring to simplify the management of multiple load balancers. LoadMaster APIs (RESTful and PowerShell) automate load balancer deployment, configuration, and management, and integrate load balancer operations with DevOps and hypervisor management frameworks.

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Progress-Flowmon enables networking and security teams to achieve their common goal of a stable and healthy digital environment. As networks become more complex, hybrid environments become more prevalent, and threats become more elusive, Progress-Flowmon is the key to ensuring businesses can operate with greater agility and security while remaining immune to modern threats .

Flowmon collects from various sources: web apps/telemetry data, including your existing network devices and our own sensors (Flowmon Probe). Employ the use of machine learning, heuristics and advanced algorithms. Relevant results and NPMD/NDR and related resources can be presented and visualized on the dashboard, and also used as alarms, periodic reports, IT operation information sharing, etc.


Kemp is an Application Delivery Innovator, Kemp Technologies is the first ADC company to bring SDN adaptive technology to its ADCs. Kemp SDN Adaptive supports congestion control for applications, ensuring quality of experience. Kemp is also the first company to provide virtual networking capabilities for dynamic management, provisioning and provisioning for NFV environments. Kemp fully supports OpenStack's LBaaS and will soon release a complete management and orchestration platform focused on distributed virtual network functions for SDN and NFV environments, pioneering the use of virtual load balancers, and through a wide range of hypervisors support and new unique cloud offerings for Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and VMware vCloud Air continue to lead the way.



Flowmon Application Performance Monitoring

Availability problems, slow response times, configuration issues. All of this can affect customer's satisfaction, reputation and productivity of your business. Learn more about Flowmon APM, an elegant solution which helps to discover application performance issues before your business does.