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CHANGING Information that found in 1998 is a security information software company in the Wistron Group. The main products and services are these solutions of identity authentication, digital signature, intelligent documents, and law compliance and so on. We serve different industries, including government agencies, finance, technology, manufacturing, telecommunications, distribution, games, education, medical and other industries, such as the Presidential Office, National Security Bureau, Taiwan Bank, Yushan Bank, Mega Bank, Cooperative Banking, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Acer Computer, Evergreen Aerospace, Coca Cola, the three major telecommunications, National Chiao Tung University, National Taiwan University Hospital, and the Bureau of Health and other units. With experience in many fields, it provides systematic and highly flexible solutions to protect the security of all kinds of information.

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ID Expert IoT-Auth Solution
ID Expert IoT-Auth Solution

ID Expert Multi-factor Authentication combines with IoT, can be used in daily life, business, and even supply chain. With this technology, Identity authentication can not only apply on computer system, but also on any device like lock or safe-deposit box, and make our lives safer and more convenient.

Multi-Factor Authentication
FastSIGN Cloud e-Signature Platform
FastSIGN Cloud e-Signature Platform

FastSIGN Cloud is an e-sign platform mainly designed for enterprise on cloud. Installation is not required. Users can easily put e-signatures into various e-forms within various divisions. This will accelerate the signing process and achieve paperless mode. FastSIGN Cloud not only provides intuitive signing platform, but also possess comprehensive security mechanism to secure your signature.

uSAFE Flash Drive Management System
uSAFE Flash Drive Management System

The internal computer will restrict the reading of external memory devices by convenient setting and generate an “encrypted flash drive” with specific conditions. Only specific computer environment and personnel can read and write the data of the flash drive.

uSAFE can effectively avoid unknown data or program placement to prevent viruses from intruding the internal computers of the enterprise or the use of people with bad intentions when the flash drive is missing. It also secures the safety of the enterprise’s internal devices and data while checking the data sharing process.

Data Leak Protection

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Secured Automatic Commercial Process
  • Identity Authentication - First line of defense for information protection:Deeply involved in the identity authentication technology for more than 20 years, we continue to devote ourselves to important issues such as the advancement of authentication technology, type and application due to the constant transformation trend of the digital environment. 
  • Electronic Stamps - The power to drive the digitalization of office process:The digital strength of electronic stamps can decrease the manpower and time cost for official document delivery, reduce the burden of management and provide service rapidly. Paperless, convenient and efficient solutions are also our basis for the development of electronic stamps.
  • Data Encryption - Stabilize the safety foundation of data sharing:Data encryption is also a crucial solution provided by us to secure your cyber security. We provide data defense solutions dedicated to the enterprise as the countermeasure to prevent data breach.
  • Smart Document - Grasp digital documents wisely:By our OCR technology, we effectively solve the customer's demand for mass digitalization of documents or ID recognition via comprehensive system planning. In this case, we promote more traditional businesses to develop into the stage of industrial technology.

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ID Expert Dynamic Authentication
ID Expert Dynamic Authentication
  • Biometric Authentication Solutions
  • Flexibility with various tokens
FastSIGN Cloud E-Signature Service Platform
FastSIGN Cloud E-Signature Service Platform
  • Experience intuitive and smooth signing flow
  • Easy to adopt various enterprising forms
uSAFE Flash Drive Management System
uSAFE Flash Drive Management System
  • fficiently prevent flash drives from data leakage
  • Only share safe data: efficiently avoid from saving malware
  • Multi-factor authentication


ID Expert Dynamic-Auth Solution | First line of cyber defense to prevent from external invasion
  • Put an end to data breach

Multi-factor Authentication ensures confidential data to save with authorization.

  • Resist external threats

Avoid from unauthorized access to invade, especially for Troj Horse and Phishing websites.

  • Reduce cost

Decrease management and personnel cost.

  • Improve efficiency

No more time wasting on complicated access procedure and password reset.

FastSIGN Cloud | The Safest and Smartest e-signature Platform

E-Signature is not only safe, but also as wasy as making a normal signature in your daily life.

You just need to upload a document, edit a signing box, then send it to people.

uSAFE Flash Drive Management System | Prevent confidential data leakage

Strict Flash Management to save data and secure an enterprise’s computers.

  • uSAFE Flash Drive is protected with multi-authentication.
  • Comprehensive log record to control users’ behavior.
  • Easy Management Portal without intranet setting.