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Billows Technology is dedicated of assisting customers to comply with security regulations, so that admins can integrate various types of information and implement security regulations while seamlessly integrating with their business. Billows solution has implemented a proactive intelligence-driven concept and mechanism in aim of letting user to easily handle regulation, allowing admins to synchronize global security intelligence at any time and improving the security status while easily handling regulations-related work.

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Billows UCM
NEW Billows UCM

Billows UCM(Unified Compliance Management) is an integrated security compliance monitoring service that takes the purpose of assisting enterprises to comply with security regulations . Its core monitoring is a proactive intelligence-driven mechanism. Billows UCM collects domestic and foreign threat sources as well as aggregate and filter them for high-valued and trustworthy threat ingtellience. Our sources are coming from different well-known organizations such as TWCERT and Global Telco Security Alliance and etc. Moreover, It can also assist in integrating the intelligence provided by ISAC in various sectors and applying it to different monitoring environments. 

Billows UCM provides full visibility and intelligence for every user and every software process by using endpoint device monitoring, packet detection and vulnerability scanning. Additionally, enriching and triaging real-time alerts thru social media app, making no transmission delay of the alerts in regards of prioritizing response actions, and working with IT operations.

Billows UCM solution supports dynamic and flexible deployment. It can apply to different network environment(IT,OT, IoT) for automation to incident detect, analyze, and response. With Its latest security deception system does not require additional installation of any agents , therefore the network architecture does not need to be significantly adjusted. It also aims to gather other security devices in order to monitor the overall internal network and help enterprises comply with the security regulations.  

Billows UCM also provide a visual monitoring interface, with its full imaging system makes it easy for non-security professionals to learn and use. Meanwhile, it provides 5*8 online expert consulting service for the goal of assisting users to rule out difficulties during the monitoring process. Lowering the threshold of user involvement and getting the routine monitoring work started more efficiently.

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Billows Tech Solution
  • SOC
  • Log Management
  • Security Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence
  • SIEM
  • Network Analysis & Forensics
  • Nework Detection Reponse

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