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L7 Networks Inc.

L7 Networks Inc. Info

L7 Networks, Inc. was founded in 2002 by a group of talented IT experts and three investing corporations, including D-Link, ZyXEL, and Advantech. These three corporations have been dedicated themselves to layer-2 to layer-4 data communication and telecommunication fields for decades. Our current mission is to focus on the fields of layer-7 content network security. L7 Networks is to be the best software solution provider by delivering innovative and scalable network security solutions.

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Cloud Security

■ Filtering Threats Inside https

Nowadays cloud services and hacker C&C are all encrypted in https connections, causing traditional security solutions fail to filter the contents. Such services include Hacker Cloud (Botnet C&C / APT), WebMail Cloud (Gmail / Outlook / Yahoo Mail), Social Cloud (Facebook / Twitter / Google Plus), WebHD Cloud (Dropbox / Google Drive / One Drive), Messenger Cloud (Line / Skype / Google Hangout / Facebook Chat). Research reports indicate that at least 60% of the total traffic hides in https tunnels. Auditing, filtering, and forensics the content of traffic is not easy anymore. It’s time to face the truth.

■ Ransonware & Confidential Data Leakage

Recently many computers are locked by ransomware, meaning anti-virus is not fast enough to defend vulnerabilities. Stopping botnet’s command and control return path with malware sandbox are the last defend line for enterprises. InstantCheck® has integrated Google Safe Browsing® malicious website database, Malware Patrol® ransonware C&C prediction, NICST blacklists. Moreover, decrypted malicious files can be sent to InstantTrace® sandbox cloud for further analysis. 

■ User-Unaware Installation and Digital Forensics

User-unaware installation is extremely important for such auditing tools. InstantCheck® employs transparent mode or proxy mode to install without changing your network architecture. Currently InstantCheck® can filter detailed behaviors and reconstruct mainstream webmail contents (Gmail / Outlook / YahooMail ) webhd contents (Dropbox / One Drive / Google Drive), messenger contents (Line / WeChat / Facebook Chat / Gmail Chat), social contents (Facebook / Twitter) for network data forensics.

■ Professional Apps For Further Analysis

After SSL decryption, InstantCheck® can call the following apps:

(1) Built-in AegisLab® virus signatures who has been listed in VirusTotal® since 2013

(2) Built-in Google Safe Browsing® service for blocking malicious malware URL/IP

(3) Built-in Malware Patrol® ransomware C&C domain prediction engine

(4) Built-in IP/URL blacklists from FireHOL®, Cisco Talos®, NICST®, AegisLab®, ...

(5) Optional InstantAudit® End-Point for audting messages / files of Line/Skype/WeChat

Cloud Security
Firewall Management

■ Intenal/External bandwidth threats

"Eat-all-you-can-eat" style of bandwidth consumption makes internal networks and external networks face the challenges. Bandwidth at external networks is occupied by P2P so mission-critical applications cannot obtain adequate bandwidth. Internal users compete for the limited bandwidth at external networks, causing unfairness among the internal users. For telecom operators and enterprise/campus network administrators, simutaneously solving internal and external bandwidth problems becomes the most critical demand.

■ L7 + L8 Solution

InstantQoS bandwidth manager from L7 Networks recognizes applications with the DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology. With its unique multi-view realtime traffic discovery, you can get a full picture of your network. Then assign the analyzed result with its dynamic bandwidth borrowing, prioritization, fair queuing, per-ip rate / quota / session controls, and tree-based QoS channels to optimize your traffic. Finally, the built-in report engine can bring you fully customizable charts to demonstrate its effectiveness. InstantQoS can also track major application’s detailed bahaviors for administrators to setup advanced L8 policies. For example, the built-in URL database can classify website traffic into 50+ categories. You can assign porn traffic to limited QoS channels while news traffic to high-bandwidth QoS channels. 

■ 5-Step Operation: manage evil traffic and optimize critical services

 Step 1. Visibility: apply advanced technology to detect the newest application or user behaviors

 Step 2. Control: limit P2P but offer dynamic bandwidth allocation to utilize available bandwidth

 Step 3. Protection: protect users from being attacked by DoS/DDoS traffic

 Step 4. Differentiation: manage the cost and differentiate services to users

 Step 5. Operation: provide the best quality to priemum users

Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics

■ Network DLP

InstantLock® DLP is a gateway-based solution to stop personal information identity (PII) from leaking out to the outside world through web post, webmails, and email clients. Namely, InstantLock can inspect http/https/smtp/smtps to stop PII leakage.

■ Regulatory Compliance

Corporate scandals and breakdowns such as the Enron case have increased calls for stronger compliance and regulations in different kinds of industries, such as GDPR, Sarbanes–Oxley, ISO27000, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SEC, FINRA, FSA, IIROC, FERC, NERC, CFTC, NFA. They all require electronic communications to be logged for years for auditing. Of course it is a must to audit https traffic since most crime activities hide themselves in encrypted https tunnels.

Data Leak Protection


L7 Networks Solution
  • Threat information analysis
  • Network intrusion prevention system
  • Employee Internet management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Threat subscription service
  • Data leak prevention

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