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DoQubiz Technology

DoQubiz Technology

DoQubiz 奕智鏈結

DoQubiz Technology Info

DoQubiz, DQ, is a cybersecurity company that provides innovative solutions for document security management over the cyberspace. Through our patented technologies leveraing latesting deep technologies, DQ offers real-time military grade top secret level document controls that are affordable, easy to use and easy to deploy. 

DQ is your shield against any cyber attack pandemic.


Fractal security storage
Fractal security storage

  A smart contract storage system with fractal module and private blockchain forms an ultra-secured file storage management system.

Secure data transfer solution

  No data will be transferred, only encrypted fragment pieces is passing. It is not only applying to file transfer, but also multimedia.

Dynamic access authority management

  Both printed and digital publishing file can be real-time control the access authority with fractal engine and the e-paper reading module. 



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