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Sun-Net Cyber Inc.

Sun-Net Cyber Inc.


Sun-Net Cyber Inc. Info

Sun-Net Cyber is a professional information safety solution/information safety service company. Our team has national-security-level expertise and experiences of investigating and processing some major domestic hacking incidents, with multiple years of practice in terms of battling hackers. “Profession, talent, and trust” is our philosophy of management. We provide “the best overall information security solution” for our clients.



Secure Reader
NEW Secure Reader

Secure Reader Mail Cleansing Defense System is the latest, exclusive technique developed by Sun-Net Cyber Inc.

In recent years, the information security issues that have been businesses disastrous lost have mostly started from fishing emails. However, no matter how discreet we are, it’s extremely difficult to defend the cunning minds of hackers. With the two major techniques from Secure Reader you can:

Cleanse your mailbox: pick out those hidden codes and get rid of them.

File Camouflage: convert your files to complete nullify the malicious means of hackers.

We use technology to prevent the possible human errors so that businesses don’t have to worry about employees clicking on fishing emails by accident and receiving malicious attacks. At the same time, we strengthen protection for information security so that there’s no opportunity for hackers to take advantage of.

Secure Email Gateway

The information security defense educational platform (PENTEST THE BOXES) developed by Sun-Net Cyber provides a safe, free, and versatile testing and learning platform to simulate infiltration. Within legal bounds, everyone who is interested in information security can indulge in learning and improving skills.

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