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Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry of Science and Technology


Ministry of Science and Technology Info

The Project “Fundamental Research and Development of Key Technologies of Cyber Security”funded by Ministry of Science and Technology has taken the leading technology of cyber security as its core, promoting cross-disciplinary collaboration through developing and strengthening digital government, national security, medical care, finance, smart city, agriculture, industry…, etc. The project brings forward-looking cyber security technology to various fields for innovative applications, aiming to industrialize technology and elevate the value of industrial applications effectively. Furthermore, The project promotes cross-domain cooperation in national cyber security research, and strengthens cooperative relations with research institutions of countries with advanced technology, in order to improve our national capacity of independent research on cyber security technology. The project aims to support the national cyber security industry to establish a world-trusted cyber security system and industry chain.

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Healthcare Cyber Security Solutions
NEW Healthcare Cyber Security Solutions

According to the report of National Center for Cyber Security Technology (NCCST) in 2020, the healthcare ranks third in ransomware attacks. In the future, it will be a huge burden and challenge for healthcare related security of health facilities. That's why we propose an integrated healthcare security solution that secures healthcare systems, protects healthcare information, and ensures uninterrupted healthcare delivery.

Advanced Threat Protection


AI enabled security management in 5G private network for healthcare applications

NYCU integrate artificial intelligence and 5G private networks, discuss how artificial intelligence uses hybrid private networks as an example to prevent unknown security threats in 5G private networks. NYCU proposed an end-to-end healthcare network management and maintenance system for testing, performance, stability and security issues from development to commercialization. Finally, NYCU propose an integrated Cybersecurity service system based on healthcare applications.

Privacy-Preserving Medical Data Warehouse System Supporting Secure Data Mining

NSYSU proposed a Privacy-Preserving Electronic Healthcare Record standard based on the newest international standard FHIR and are implementing a complete system from the multi-faceted integration planning of collection, search, storage, data mining, and application. Moreover, by combining healthcare records with information security technology, NSYSU is creating a privacy-preserving healthcare digital environment that enables hospitals to safely access healthcare records in clouds.

The advantages of this technology are as follows:

◎ The world's first technology securing FHIR medical data on the clouds through functional encryptions

◎ Implementation of a safe medical data exchange system based on PPFHIR

◎ Implementation of the ABHPRE scheme

◎ Reduction in the maintenance cost for medical data

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