Organized by iThome, CYBERSEC, is the largest annual cybersecurity event in Taiwan. Since 2015, we have been gradually becoming the dominant platform for international exchange on cybersecurity. In 2021, Taiwan has been doing an excellent job on preventing the spread of the pandemic domestically. As a result, the organization of CYBERSEC has been able to proceed safely, becoming the only cybersecurity conferences to have been physically held. With the participation of 300 cybersecurity companies, CYBERSEC had more than 10,000 registered attendees. Furthermore, President Tsai-Ing Wen and the then AIT Director Brent Christensen along with chief executives involved in cybersecurity all shared a stage. Adhering to "Cybersecurity is National Security", expressing Cybersecurity related to overall industrial development. Facing the increasing overseas challenges and malicious threats, Taiwan government will make the complete cyberesecurity policies and keep developing the strength of digital technology to maintain the core support of the national industry.

Theme for 2022

CYBERSEC invites the cybersecurity specialists from various fields to the event to discuss the important cybersecurity issues annually. From the exchanges and experience sharing, we hope to find out the best practice and create the matureer and more resilient environment.

The theme of the CYBERSEC 2022 is "Change Now". Speakers could share their perspectives on turning the current circumstances and overturning the asymmetry situation. Let's make cyber defense return to the discussion on cybersecurity issue.

Session subjects we call for are NOT LIMITED to above. We welcome various issues of cybersecurity. You are free to share the latest technique findings in your field in CYBERSEC.

Eligibility for Submission

  1. We particularly welcome the speech with advanced skills.If you are able to share the latest cybersecurity research, latest cyberattack techniques and strategy, enterprise experience in cybersecurity management, or any other unrevealed information, you are eligible for submission.
  2. If you would like to be a speaker in a sponsored session, please let us know, and we will contact you right away.

Background of the Audience

CYBERSEC attendees consist of cybersecurity related staff members, IT personnel and directors, and R & D engineers from industry, government, and academia.

Date & Duration

2022. 5.17 – 5.19

30 minutes per slot

Important Dates


11.23 Call for Speaker begins
12.27 Call for Speaker closes

Result of review would be send to submitter in late January.
Speaker Manual would be send to speakers two weeks before the event.

Event Venue

Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2

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  • Originality is a high priority. Audiences would like to know more about your personal experiences, practices, and opinions.
  • Connect with the audience so that they may sense your passion and motivation naturally.
  • Please elaborate on the content of your submission in the form.
  • Make sure audiences recognize the need and value of your speech.
  • The event may use your photos, profiles and session introduction in promotional activities.
  • The event organizers reserve the right to adjust the agenda and time slots at any time.
  • You must have all legal rights for the content of your speech.
  • The event organizers will ask for your permission to make your video and slides public.
  • The content of your speech must not infringe on the intellectual property and privacy rights of others.
  • Please be sure to complete your submission on time. Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • Please provide your slides at least one week before the event. Marketing or advertisements of your organization or other financial interests will not be allowed during your speech. If you would like to be a speaker in a sponsored session, please let us know, and we will contact you right away.
  • Due to travel restrictions during the epidemic prevention period, foreign speakers must comply with entry restrictions. For details, please refer to "Speaker Benefits" below.

Speaker Benefits

  • Speakers from Taiwan: Submission should be accepted and the speaker is residing in Taiwan. The event will subsidize the transportation expense of NT$6,000 (tax included).
  • Speakers from overseas: Submission should be accepted and the speakers who do not live in Taiwan. The event will uniformly arrange the accommodation for overseas speakers during home quarantine and self-health monitoring in accordance with the government's border epidemic prevention regulations (kindly refer to the remarks as below). The accommodation expenses will be subsidized at the same time as a subsidy of USD 1,500 (tax included) for transportation subsidy.

In accordance with the COVID-19 border epidemic prevention regulations, passengers entering Taiwan must undergo a 14-day home quarantine in accordance with the regulations. After the quarantine period expires, they must undergo 7 days of self-health monitoring. Speakers should comply with the current epidemic prevention policy. Please comply with the epidemic prevention policy without any objections. (Please refer to the latest border epidemic prevention regulations: Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare:https://www.cdc.gov.tw/)