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Leyun is native to the cloud, with leading cloud technology services and rich experience in telecommunications and Internet operations, constantly pursuing cloud product solutions that better meet customer needs, and is committed to creating a new cloud service ecosystem. With more than 20 years of experience in IT and telecommunications services, familiar with various cloud service fields, through the integration of various resources to provide customers with more suitable product introductions, and more willing to update product information from time to time to let customers know, it is a cloud industry worthy of your trust. expert.

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Success Story: The Industry that include government, transportation, e-commerce, manufacturing, religion, etc. Used by many large enterprise customers, there are thousands of success story of enterprises.

Cloudflare secures and ensures the reliability of your external-facing resources such as websites, Our authoritative DNS is the fastest in the world,APIs, and applications. It protects your internal resources such as behind-the-firewall applications, teams, and devices. And it is your platform for developing globally-scalable applications.


  1. Advanced DDoS Protection-Cloudflare has been recognized as a “Leader” in ‘The Forrester Wave: DDoS Mitigation Solutions。Cloudflare offers L3、L4、L7 DDoS protection solutions.Designed to protect everything on your cloud and on-premise networks.
  2. Bot Management-Stop bad bots by using threat intelligence at-scale and Manage bots with speed and accuracy by applying several detection methods: behavioral analysis、machine learning、fingerprinting。


  • Dynamic Content Delivery-Accelerate Mobile Experiences

The fucyion id cache static content closer to users, and deliver dynamic content over the fastest and most reliable private backbone links.

  • Waiting room-A virtual waiting room to manage peak traffic

Sudden increases in traffic can overwhelm your applications and infrastructure,ensuring that users get a seamless online experience even while waiting.

Successful cases: The industry category includes government, transportation, e-commerce, manufacturing, religion and many other large enterprise customers. There are thousands of successful cases of enterprises.

Cloud Security

Cloud Native Protector Data Sheet (CNP) Protect your workloads with cloud-native protection services

  1. Detailed attack scenarios: Radware uses advanced machine learning algorithms to correlate individual events and place them in contextual attack scenarios to detect potential data theft attempts and block them as they evolve.
  2. Centralized Security Management: For a large number of workloads hosted in the cloud, Radware provides centralized visibility and control to help administrators understand where attacks are taking place and which assets are compromised.
  3. Smart Hardening with Context Awareness: Radware can detect excessive permissions by analyzing the gap between granted permissions and those in use, and provides smart hardening recommendations to strengthen the security posture and reduce exposure. attack range.
  4. Automatic Response Mechanism: Radware provides built-in methods to automatically remediate suspicious behaviors when they are detected, so you will never miss an opportunity when a data breach is detected.

Successful cases: The industry includes government, financial industry, etc. There are thousands of successful cases of large enterprises.

Cloud Security

It is a must for corporate websites and e-commerce businesses. It provides encryption for data transmission. The use of SSL certificates can increase the trust of your customers on your website.

SSL Certificates
Leyun Global Server
Leyun Global Server
  1. High-defense DDos purchase: It can provide customers with special specifications and can purchase DDos. It is a high-defense specification. It can be customized and can be purchased to upgrade the bandwidth. Various operating systems are supported.
  2. Customers can choose the China direct connection network CIA or the global connection network GIA according to the selected overseas server region.
  3. Two-way CN2 direct connection to China: Connected to the telecommunications CN2 commercial dedicated line, 5Gbps high-speed bandwidth directly to the Chinese customer base.
  4. High-speed international network: Recruit multiple first-tier upstream suppliers to provide redundant bandwidth, and connect to all parts of the world at high speed.
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