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Cloud Native Protector Data Sheet (CNP) Protect your workloads with cloud-native protection services

  1. Detailed attack scenarios: Radware uses advanced machine learning algorithms to correlate individual events and place them in contextual attack scenarios to detect potential data theft attempts and block them as they evolve.
  2. Centralized Security Management: For a large number of workloads hosted in the cloud, Radware provides centralized visibility and control to help administrators understand where attacks are taking place and which assets are compromised.
  3. Smart Hardening with Context Awareness: Radware can detect excessive permissions by analyzing the gap between granted permissions and those in use, and provides smart hardening recommendations to strengthen the security posture and reduce exposure. attack range.
  4. Automatic Response Mechanism: Radware provides built-in methods to automatically remediate suspicious behaviors when they are detected, so you will never miss an opportunity when a data breach is detected.

Successful cases: The industry includes government, financial industry, etc. There are thousands of successful cases of large enterprises.

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