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May 4-6 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2


The Annual Cybersecurity Conference of Taiwan

Launched by iThome in 2015, Taiwan's most prominent annual cybersecurity conference, CYBERSEC, has been growing in both size and stature every year. Bringing international stakeholders to learn about Taiwan's cybersecurity industry, the conference serves as an important platform in Asia for cybersecurity exchange. Last year, success in epidemic prevention measures made it possible for Taiwan to become one of only two countries in the world to host a physical cybersecurity conference, along with the RSA Conference held in the US. At the CYBERSEC 2020, nearly 10,000 participants registered for the event along with 250 cybersecurity vendors. Upholding the principle of “cybersecurity is national security”, President Tsai Ing-wen and various cybersecurity senior officials also attended. Since cybersecurity is closely linked to overall industrial development, they reiterated the government's determination to expand on the development of digital technologies to safeguard Taiwan's industries. In the face of ever increasing challenges and threats from hostile foreign forces, the government vowed to formulate comprehensive cybersecurity strategies and continue the development of digital technology capabilities to maintain the competitiveness of the nation's core industries.

After all, persistence is power.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the globe with unforeseeable international circumstances, it is crucial to hold the line of defense against an uncontrollable future. Towards the fulfillment of such expectations, the CYBERSEC 2021 will continue to shoulder our responsibilities and persevere with our initial objectives to guard against the ever-shifting state of affairs. We believe in the power of persistence, gradually moving forward one step at a time, for a better and more secure future. There is no miracle to be found on the path to success, only a steady accumulation of effort that strengthens our capabilities.

With an upgraded exhibition format, CYBERSEC 2021 will take place for three days from May 4 to 6 at Hall 2 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. This highly-anticipated event will attract professionals from the sectors of industry, government, academia, and research to learn about the latest in cybersecurity intelligence and knowledge. The conference will feature more than 200 cybersecurity brands, including both well-known international vendors and independent R&D brands in Taiwan, to showcase the most diverse and comprehensive solutions and services in the cybersecurity market. Visitors will be able to find the most appropriate cybersecurity products for various needs through product demos and on-site introductions by experts.
With this year's theme, “Trust: redefined'', the conference aims to guide guests in rigorously examining the trials and tribulations of digital transformation. While malicious threats may affect millions of people in an instant, it is necessary to properly understand the risks and crises we face for the establishment of a safer future. Thus, CYBERSEC is planning more than 200 sessions of forums and seminars that cover a wide range of topics simultaneously. In addition to a need to reconsider laws to promote trust in light of the pandemic, the conference will also focus on diverse industrial issues, including cybersecurity in manufacturing, fintech, and healthcare. Also, HITCON expert hackers have been invited to discuss defense strategies, basic knowledge, management solutions, and popular cybersecurity hot topics, such as 5G networks and IoT. Furthermore, the annual highlight, CyberLAB simulations of all types of attack scenarios, will also be conducted. The conference will be an absolute feast of cybersecurity knowledge, covering all aspects of industry trends in the market and professional technical knowhow.

cybersec cybersec

In addition, the conference will continue the CYBERSEC Playground, which prompts participants to brainstorm through interactive card games, as well as experience cybersecurity attack and defense. Furthermore, Cyber Talent, a matchmaking platform for Taiwan's cybersecurity talent, will also be included in this year's conference.

cybersec Playground

For cybersecurity technicians, corporate decision-makers, researchers from industry, government, or academia, and hobbyists interested in cybersecurity issues and technology, this is the one and only ultra-informative cybersecurity event in Taiwan that cannot be missed. CYBERSEC 2021 is guaranteed to provide a wealth of knowledge on cybersecurity and countermeasures. We sincerely invite you to sign up and join us. You may also visit the CYBERSEC official website for the most up-to-date information.

History of CYBERSEC

An annual cybersecurity conference maintaining consistent defensive objectives

Global cybersecurity threats and cyberattacks have gradually worsened over the years. Since cybersecurity defense has become a serious issue for Taiwan and all of the world, iThome began organizing the annual CYBERSEC conference in 2015 to elevate overall awareness of cybersecurity throughout Taiwan, strengthen the overall maturity of defensive measures, facilitate exchange among industry, government, and academia, and promote the overall development of the cybersecurity industry. In addition to elevating awareness on cybersecurity defense among various sectors in Taiwan, CYBERSEC also focuses on promoting Taiwan's cybersecurity industry. In 2017, the Cyber Taiwan Pavilion was established as a platform to showcase independent Taiwan cybersecurity brands. The goal is to stimulate innovative development of Taiwan's cybersecurity industry, as well as introduce our independently-developed technology and services to the global market. The pavilion has since become the key exchange platform for Taiwan's cybersecurity industry.

Becoming a world-class conference

Due to Taiwan's success with epidemic prevention after the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, Taiwan was the first country to host a large-scale cybersecurity conference in 2020. The fact that Taiwan's cybersecurity industry has continued to operate also attracted international attention. The pandemic has been a great challenge to human resilience and corporate digital transformation. Also, hackers now have more potential targets on an expanded battlefield for online attacks. With the theme of “Resilience Matters”, CYBERSEC 2020 moved to Hall 2 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center as the venue for the first time. The arrangement upgraded Taiwan's professional cybersecurity conference to international standards, while highlighting cybersecurity threats that must be addressed under the new global norm. In particular, “CYBERSEC EXPO” gathered more than 250 well-known Taiwan-based and international cybersecurity brands, showcasing the latest and most comprehensive cybersecurity defense solutions available in the Taiwan market. The CYBERSEC agenda also broke the record with a single-day 13-track simultaneous presentation. Furthermore, co-sponsored by iThome and the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the third “Cyber Taiwan Pavilion” showcased nearly 40 Taiwan cybersecurity brands during the “Taiwan Cybersecurity Independent R&D Exhibition”. The meticulously planned “Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibition” was the first to demonstrate cybersecurity defense applications in various fields including smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, industrial control, IoT and more. The demonstration of realistic applications in front of the audience became a milestone establishing the conference with an international standard, which was also the first in Taiwan.

Collaborating with various sectors to continuously promote a vision for cybersecurity

As CYBERSEC organizes the seventh conference in 2021, it bears witness to the fastest development stage of Taiwan's cybersecurity industry, and the unique devastating effects of pandemic COVID-19 around the world. With the ongoing trend of rapid digital transformation of all forms of lifestyles and industries large or small, cybersecurity crises will only become harder to prevent. “TRUST: redefined” is the theme for the conference this year, which will open for three days at the Nangang Exhibition Center with a 14-track forum agenda with more than 200 forum sessions. The exhibition space has been expanded by 1.5 times, gathering more than 250 major global cybersecurity brands and more than 40 local brands from Taiwan. The venue will turn into a competitive arena of cybersecurity solutions, demonstrating Taiwan's independent R&D capabilities.
As a platform, CYBERSEC continues to collaborate with various sectors and promote the comprehensive development of cybersecurity in Taiwan using more diverse formats. These include the establishment of Cyber Talent, which creates opportunities for exchange between enterprises and cybersecurity talents. CYBERSEC has also teamed up with AIT to organize a US-Taiwan AIT Day as a first step in US-Taiwan collaboration. Furthermore, a Cyber Leadership Forum exclusively for leaders and experts in the sectors of government, industry, or academia enables collaborative exchange. Such networking opportunities help connect R&D organizations across various sectors and facilitate the establishment of collaborative relations, promoting the development of social network groups and exchange with international buyers.
At CYBERSEC, CYBERSEC EXPO, Cyber Taiwan Pavilion, luncheons and other events, the focus is to provide opportunities for participants to engage with each other, raise cybersecurity awareness, continue to push for industry innovation and evolution, and strengthen collaborative defense capabilities. By joining forces from various sectors together, our vision is to promote and enhance cybersecurity.