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Safe and Secure, Taiwan Cybersecurity

MIT Supply and Demand Side Collaboration in Offense and Defense
Showcasing the Strength of Cybersecurity in Taiwan

The pandemic has driven a reconfiguration of the global supply chain, prompting the entire world to pursue digital transformation. Malicious threats have also evolved rapidly, bringing the industry chain a multitude of operational challenges and cybersecurity risks.

Faced with the new post-pandemic norm, Taiwan's industries have already been planning ahead, proactively strategizing its core industries for cross-sector integration and upgrades. With world-class high-tech industries connecting Taiwan's cybersecurity R&D capabilities and facilitating collaboration between supply and demand side in manufacturing and cybersecurity, let's work together to make Taiwan the world's most trusted partner in the cybersecurity industry chain.

Cybersecurity Offense/Defense Simulations for Core Industries
Only at 2021 Cyber Taiwan Pavilion

For two consecutive years from 2019 to 2020, President Tsai Ing-wen has attended the exhibition to emphasize how the cybersecurity industry is one of the six major core strategic industries inseparable from national security as well as overall economic development. Since cybersecurity is closely linked to national security, Tsai's presence demonstrates the government's determination to safeguard cybersecurity and provide the strongest support for the development of the industry.

In 2021, Cyber Taiwan Pavilion continues its evolution with Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition and Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibition. Bringing together a huge lineup showcasing the development of Taiwan's cybersecurity, the exhibition will help you gain an overview of threats by introducing diverse applications in core industries through a lively exhibition area. In addition, viewers will be able to learn more about Taiwan's cross-sector strength in the research and development of cybersecurity protection. The exhibition will rapidly facilitate matching between both the supply and demand sides to co-create a new vision for cybersecurity in Taiwan.

Key Focus

Through carefully designed scenarios of cybersecurity applications in various sectors and interactive experiential scenarios, the exhibition will help you better understand the importance of cybersecurity in industry development.
Gathering and Showcasing Taiwan's Cybersecurity R&D Capabilities
In-depth tours led by dedicated personnel bring you firsthand experience with the best of Taiwan's cybersecurity technology to enhance your knowledge about Taiwan's cybersecurity brands.
Innovative Applications of Cybersecurity Technologies
Taiwan's smart technology applications in person, you can better understand how the cybersecurity protection infrastructure has been set up in various sectors across Taiwan to cultivate the values of corporate cybersecurity strategies and establish innovative management.

2021 Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibition

Experience Cybersecurity in All Aspects of Life and Business

Along with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, working remotely has become the new norm. Furthermore, 5G networks have now enabled even more disruptive innovation. In addition to national or industrial security, recent changes in lifestyles and industries have highlighted the issue of “safety”. After all, wherever people are, risks will also exist. To transform cybersecurity awareness into concrete actions, the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Industry has utilized domain scenario designs and simulations to present how Taiwan cybersecurity has been preparing to serve as the security backbone of the city of the future. 2021 Cyber Taiwan Pavilion invites you to join us and experience the accomplishments of the national “Smart Cybersecurity, Safeguarding Taiwan” brand!

Smart Transportation Cybersecurity

The application of Vehicle-to-everything (V2X), connecting self-driving vehicles, smart bus stops, and networked buses, is simultaneously amazing and worrisome. To provide a safe and secure living environment for the public, the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Industry created a lab in 2017 responsible for promoting and guiding cybersecurity industry standards in IoT. In 2020, the bureau began developing aV2X set-top-box and smart bus stops, making advance preparations for smart transportation in cities of the future.

5G Cybersecurity

The properties of 5G, such as high speed, low latency and multiple connections, have turned the plot of numerous sci-fi movies into reality. In particular, supported by 5G graphics communication, revolutionary breakthrough developments will soon become available for drones, including aerial mapping, pandemic-prevention surveillance, logistics and shipping, precision agriculture and more. Such developments must also take into account public and flight safety, as well as a high level of cybersecurity issues that require cross-industry collaboration for implementation. The theme this year begins with the security of the drone industry chain to showcase how Taiwan has prepared integrated solutions for IC chips, 5G network equipment and cybersecurity to create a globally-trusted national drone team.

Operational Technology Security

The operational technology (OT) systems of critical infrastructures in Taiwan will be presented, as well as the OT for chemical and natural gas cascade control. Through simulations in a lab environment, businesses may verify OT cybersecurity solutions and perform cyberattack simulation training sessions, so that essential infrastructure players may learn about hacker techniques before establishing a comprehensive OT security solution.

Smart Manufacturing Cybersecurity

As the global demand for a secure supply chain increases, and the manufacturing industry integrates with AIot, the level of cybersecurity must also be upgraded correspondingly. Through empirical field cases established with project funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau of Industry, such examples assist returning Taiwanese businesses in digital transformation, while effectively introducing domestically developed cybersecurity solutions to strengthen the power of cyber protection.

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Guided Tour

Taiwan R&D Thematic Exhibition X Smart Taiwan Cybersecurity Exhibition

Diverse and in-depth guided tours of innovative products, obtain all the information at the Cyber Taiwan Pavilion at once

  • Professional Tour Guide (Each tour takes around 20 mins)
  • Registration is on-site only at the Cyber Taiwan Pavilion service desk on the 4th floor during exhibition opening hours. Select the time of your tour, and arrive at the designated time to participate in the guided tour.
  • Register for and complete the guided tour to receive a pair of 2021 Cyber Taiwan Pavilion limited edition Made-in-Taiwan cotton socks.
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