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CYBERSEC 2022, May 17-19, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2 Save the Date

2020: We successfully organized CYBERSEC despite the pandemic

2021: We will continue to persevere and organize a global cybersecurity conference

During CYBERSEC in August of 2020, we witnessed up to 10,000 conference participants adhering to the highest standards of civic cooperation in Taiwan. Complying with the guiding principles of epidemic prevention together, the successful organizing of CYBERSEC 2020 was made possible. Moreover, the once-a-year conference for Taiwan's cybersecurity industry not only took place in the midst of a global pandemic, but also became one of the only two global cybersecurity conferences to be held successfully in the world last year.
This year, even as the pandemic continues to rage around the world, Taiwan has continued to show to the world an outstanding level of epidemic prevention. We believe that CYBERSEC in May 2021 will again be a great success, demonstrating Taiwan's resilience to the world so far as we continue to adhere to the strictest pandemic-prevention guidelines set forth by the Central Epidemic Command Center.
Unfortunately, the largest cybersecurity conferences in physical around the world have already been cancelled and turned to be virtual experience this year due to the ongoing severity of the pandemic. As a result, CYBERSEC may be the only global cybersecurity conference to be held in a physical location in 2021. Taiwan must continue to be persistently mindful of this great responsibility, and continue to keep the COVID-19 pandemic at bay for a successful cybersecurity conference.
Not To Be Missed


No need to travel abroad! Join the world-class cybersecurity conference in Taiwan.


Content is king. Industry experts will be there to lead forums, and expert hackers will provide free talks, helping you elevate your overall knowledge on cybersecurity.


The well-reviewed cybersecurity competitive arena presents drill exercises simulating cyberattacks and defense measures. Through battles of wit and strategy, participants are able to learn even more about cybersecurity.


Professionals from industry/government/academia/research sectors will gather to exchange ideas on cybersecurity development and countermeasures. Network with like-minded professionals!

Topics in Focus



“CYBERSEC 2021” continues to expand and evolve! The 3-day event offers over 200 discussions across a variety of topics, while showcasing the most comprehensive and diverse cybersecurity information and solutions. First Set of Agenda Forum Topics Overview


CyberLAB Offense / Defense Drills

Follow the trail to the APT crime scene and use the tools properly to discover unexpected traces left behind by hackers. Each simulation drill serves as the best path to enhancing defensive capabilities! Each session of the CyberLab simulation offense/defense drill is expected to be packed. Don’t miss the opportunity to boost your combat power with intensive simulation exercises. View Details


Forum Topic – 701 Vulnerability Research Lab

Provided by CYBERSEC for cybersecurity researchers, this stage is dedicated to the introduction and exploration of software vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity experts will present vulnerabilities and malware discovered on the front line of cybersecurity battles, principles of software vulnerabilities, and analyses of the mechanisms behind vulnerability exploitations, as well as solutions in response. View Details


Forum Topic – OT Security Forum

As the frequency of operational technology (OT) security breaches increases, the resulting impact has also become deadlier. Recently, a water purification plant in the U.S. was hacked, causing the addition of a large amount of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) into the water, and making it dangerous to drink. For this forum, OT security research experts have been invited to tackle the various aspects and methods to strengthen OT security systems. View Details


Forum Topic – DevSecOps & Cloud Security Forum

In response to the latest trend of DevOps - a cloud-based development model featuring rapid launch and frequent updates – how to safeguard the security of such automated software development methods will become the internal requirement of every development team in the next few years. High quality software service is only possible with rapid launch paired with solid cybersecurity. View Details


3 Day

Conference Agenda
Exploring a more cyber-secure future

2300 +

Participating Enterprises
Focusing on the new global norm

200 +

Exhibiting Brands
Taiwan's most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions

200 +

Professional Agenda
The latest trends, technologies, and practices

Forum Topics

Targeted Ransomware Attack Forum

Ransomware integration and APT cyber-warrior tactics have evolved into targeted cyberattacks, becoming the biggest cyber weaponry to date! Numerous well-known corporations have suffered from such attacks. Notorious cyber criminal organizations not only encrypt corporate data for extortion, but also threaten to expose corporate data for even higher ransoms. Come and learn how to prevent this major type of threat, which will likely target corporations for the next few years.

View Details
MAY 6th THU. 10:00-17:00

OT Security Forum

Operational technology (OT) cybersecurity breaches are occurring with greater frequency, with ever increasing deadly impacts. For example, a water purification plant system was tempered by hackers recently, causing the addition of a large amount of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in the water, making it too dangerous for drinking. The security of OT systems has always been a major challenge. As a result, the OT Security Forum invites experts to explore OT security from various aspects.

View Details
MAY 4th TUE. 14:45-17:15
MAY 6th THU. 10:00-12:00

701 Vulnerability Research Lab

Welcome to the 701 Vulnerability Research Lab. Provided by CYBERSEC for cybersecurity researchers, this stage is dedicated to the exploration of software vulnerabilities. They shall present vulnerability and malware discovered on the frontline of cyber warfare, explore the principles of software vulnerability, analyze the vulnerability exploitation mechanisms, and share the solutions in response to cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

View Details
MAY 4th THU. 16:45-17:15
MAY 6th THU. 10:00-17:00


The Most Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution Lineup in Taiwan

The most prominent annual professional cybersecurity exhibition – CYBERSEC EXPO – gathers more than 200 well-known national and international cybersecurity brands, offering the best and most comprehensive cybersecurity products and solutions. Attendees will be able to efficiently understand the latest cybersecurity intelligence, products, and technology trends. During the exhibition, the most up-to-date cybersecurity products will be available on display, as well as countless cybersecurity interactive experiences. Furthermore, the highly touted CYBERSEC Playground will be offered again through an expanded scale, providing a multitude of cybersecurity journeys for your exploration.

95 %
Excellent Experience

95% of attendees gave high marks for the overall experience and returns of the CYBERSEC

95 %
A Wealth of Information

95% of attendees learned more about cybersecurity market intelligence and solutions through the CYBERSEC EXPO

92 %
Facilitation for Strategic Decisions

92% of enterprise attendees praised CYBERSEC for helping them with cybersecurity procurement decisions

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